To those who practice this faith, which Gods or Goddesses do you honor often? I personally honor Pan, Minerva, Janus, Luna, Vesta and Juno.

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Minerva/Menrva, Mercury, Aesculapius, Faunus, Bona Dea, Bacchus.

And as needed by occasion Vesta, and Invidia/Nemesis.

Though I tend to worship Minerva as Athena and I honor the Greek goddess Admete.

Sorry, forgot Janus.  Can't imagine why since he's in a shrine on my front door.

I apologise I meant Faunus. Either name works.

     Venus, sometimes Diana

Mars first and foremost. After that, Mercurius, Bellona, Venus, Apollo, Diana, Pluton, and some of their children. Children of Mars mostly.

Comparing the Roman vs the associated Greek, I'm not sure that Faunus is a complete match for the Greek Pan. Faunus seems more like the Celtic Cernunnos or modern Herne. The name Faunus relates to being propitious, while Pan is where we derive the word Panic. One is honored to meet Faunus, while one is terrified to meet Pan.

I'm not a particularly "religious" person, but I've tried to show respect to the "neighbors". The horned one shows up occasionally. I think he finds me funny. Can't think why.

I have never been terrified of Pan , and know many who

have , or currently work with that energy stream...

Pan is associated with a "higher charge / current" of energy

which most find disharmonic , as they cannot integrate the

charge ;

Think of 440 , run through a system wired for 110...

Pan also means "all" and I believe historically the word also referred to the countryside.

Let us not forget Bacchus who certainly deserves a toast and libation--something dark, red and potent. The door and key to darker mysteries. Mercury is a bit too light for my taste as the psycho-pomp who presided over Orpheus' doom.

You know, there's always a set of gods nobody talks about. How about Vulcan? I took a blacksmith class with my son once. The teacher was a formidable woman who could sling a hammer like it was weightless so gender isn't a barrier for relating to Vulcan. 

Vulcan has his own holiday Vulcanalia, which was celebrated on August 2nd. If you like a fireplace and a good bonfire then you're in Vulcan's territory.

Because Bakkos and Volcanos are both rapists. But I suppose most people don't read their text and would not know. Others who do like to make excuses for them even though it is very expressly stated. But yeah, hail monsters!! We'd be repulsed if humans did these things and want to see them put in jail. But, they are Gods. So let's instead worship them, for they are amazing!


Eros wounded Bacchus.  IOW the blame is on Eros.

It doesn't say if she was a bacchante or not.  Getting drunk and going wild is what they do.

Various versions of this story.  One I read is that she fought him off and all he managed to do was ejaculate on her leg I think it was?.  Which she wiped away and where the rg fell on the ground, a snake like thing was conceived, which she deigned to raise.

Ever see the HBO series "Rome"?  Our two protagonists - the good guys - Vorenus and Pullo, were casual murderers and rapists and slave owners.  Different times.


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