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DeFina said an examination of Jahi also revealed that her brain was still intact, rather than "liquefying" as would be expected if a brain-dead body was kept on life-support for many months.

DeFina also said brain scans showed electrical activity, and other tests showed blood flowing to the brain.

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2017 Update:  "Judge Declares her "Alive". " - see comment body

June 2018 Update: Never let her goFinally taken off life-support

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Wow. Just wow.

Time to pop some popcorn, this could get real interesting. Wouldn't it be amazing if she walked out of the hospital one day?

"Dolan showed video clips to a small group of reporters"

Dolan is a lawyer.  Well, let's just say I'm waiting for him to show NEUROLOGISTS a complete video and not just the edited portions of a video.

Same crap the family of that poor lady Terri Schiavo pulled.  They'd show highly edited videos of their daughter "reacting"  to things to prove she is alive.

They really think she's alive, prove it.  Unhook her from life support.  Otherwise a body being kept alive by life support will still react to some stimuli and jerk and move on its own.

Dr. DeFina happens to head the non-profit where the little girl is staying.  Can you say 'conflict of interest'?

Sounds like they are running out of money and need more donations.

Was it Terri Schiavo's parents or was it the right wing weasels who were pushing them?

Was it Terri Schiavo's parents or was it the right wing weasels who were pushing them?

They had to agree to it.  No one held a gun to their heads.


The only game-changer I can see, is the payout on their malpractice suit.  The findings will be presented during a hearing on October 8th.

Neurologists were present during the filming.  There were also brain scans and blood work taken to determine if in fact her brain is receiving a blood supply.

The overall color of the child's body is telling.  If it were a corpse kept on life support for almost a year now, I'd expect that you'd see more deterioration by this stage.  Earlier reports were showing signs of decomp.  See:  Medical Examiner's Report

They have been very sketchy about this whole three-ring-circus from the beginning - the family has said a lot but never given real proof - the video is still very iffy because it only shows the moment and not the before and after - and even brain dead people can move sporadically. I'd continue to remain skeptical unless I see her being filmed live in front of a news crew, assured there is nothing being used to cause on command movement and showing accredited neurologists at her bedside.

Video and photos can be edited and touched up as well; some of the images I've seen of her look very touched-up because I don't think that someone who has been in a hospital bed for almost a year would likely have flawless skin, no matter how much lotion is applied daily. Also, I found out after some more research that the video was done 5 months ago (May) (I'm wondering where the recent pics and video of her is at, if she was supposedly moving on command 5 months ago and she's getting better then I'd expect she's much more active now).

Realistically after what I've seen with this circus I'd have to wonder how many times she commanded her to move her foot etc. until it actually happened - I'm just not buying it. Also, she's very bloated which is common when the kidneys no longer function and the abnormal skin coloration on her feet (the tops and bottom of her feet are almost the same color), which I don't think is a good sign either and that was 5 months ago.

I'll be very interested in seeing outside reputable neurologists do their own round of tests on her in a controlled environment; the courts will definitely call into question the ones she chose to support her case because they are anything but reputable and one does not even believe in brain death.

It would be amazing if there is a possibility of recovering from brain death but I'm not drinking the kool-aid at this

Yeah no shit.  Not to mention that time period where she was only getting IV fluid for months vs. a feeding tube (hence the petition to get one inserted).

It's just random movements that she's correlating to her 'commands'.  If she's been twitching then an ideal time to snap some video as a way to confirm bias.

I'm more interested in the legal aspects of the death certificate.  If they reverse it, does that make her the first Un-dead?  heh

mhm! I don't think California is going to reverse it because I think she's still brain dead. If they can prove she has blood flow and brain activity then why haven't they already had the brain death determination reversed, ummm like 5 months ago when she supposedly started moving on command.

I think these smoke and mirrors are going to be ripped away when they bring in accredited neurologists instead of the kooky squad and use clinical testing instead of mom's homemade videos :) Personally, I think it's all BS to get the money and attention flowing again, I hope I'm wrong but it falls in place with what's gone on since this circus began. It seems like the minute they lose media attention, they release some tid bit or miracle report to get it all hyped back up again and the money begins to flow.

Personally, I find it sad and disturbing that this child has been put on display and forced to be kept "alive" in this horrific manner.

Yeah, that aspect is pretty shitty.  I mean, ffs. Let the child go.  I agree on the publicity, they've been taking in donations and public aid to keep them afloat while living in New Jersey.  More interviews and paid appearances are forth-coming too.  Mark my words.

It's pretty easy to pull an 'expert' out of your ass on command.  In the name of Science, I'm thankful for peer-review.  I do wonder though, if they finally make a ruling if the mother will be court-ordered to take the child off life-support.


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