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DeFina said an examination of Jahi also revealed that her brain was still intact, rather than "liquefying" as would be expected if a brain-dead body was kept on life-support for many months.

DeFina also said brain scans showed electrical activity, and other tests showed blood flowing to the brain.

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2017 Update:  "Judge Declares her "Alive". " - see comment body

June 2018 Update: Never let her goFinally taken off life-support

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Psychics contacting brain dead people? Yikes, what is the point? What is that supposed to accomplish?

Reminds me of a sequel to Kingdom Hospital.

Could be a manslaughter charge looming...

Are those hands insured by Lloyds of London?

I remember her. Amazing.

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I do believe that comas are one of those things that are controlled partially by spirit. If spirit allows you to wake up, nothing can prevent the body from doing so because you become aware, fully incarnate.


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