I woke this morning like every 9/11 and thought again I would take solitude in my home with no TV or any Electronics on except for my CD Player to listen to my music and just have a peaceful day. But I did decide to check my messages 1st and end up with with a friend of mine complaining about the speech the President made in an E-Mail. Well I guess you could say I was just really PO'ed badly and went to Facebook to talk to my Daughters and Daughter-In-Law only to find the same crap on my News feed. So I came here just knowing that we are all family of sorts here, but after reading the same stuff in one thread I had to speak up. So here goes................

As I sit in my home this morning and remember 12 years of heart break that my family and 2978 other family’s are going through today, I read through my Face Book Post then came here to PaganSpace to see the Hatred by so many on the President Obama A, B, C, D, F Thread.


Facebook, most are complaining about how they don’t wish to go to work in the Rain, I am Sick of Obama, I don’t feel Good, the Kids are driving me nut’s and so on the Complaints go.


Well I guess everyone does have the freedom of Speech! So those of you who care more about the Complaints, then just keep on doing your thing. But, please remember that there are many families out here that have suffered a tragic loss, children born after their Fathers died in the 9/11 Attacks and many a child now is growing up without parents at all. Weather it be a family member like me or a dear friend like others here on the Site that I know of; this day will never be forgotten.


Please also remember you are LUCKY just to wake up every day and turn on your TV, Radio, get into your car and go to work, go to School, clean house or yes even turn on your Damn Computer to sit here and complain about the President and how you all are against him.


But let me remind you that the next time we get attacked; it could be you and your family that needs the prayers and kindness of others like us who knows how you feel and what your going through for many years to come. I only Hope and Pray it will not be a Bio Attack like that that happened in Syria which killed 1426 families that were just trying to flee the fighting or trying to find a safe place to stay, but never got that chance. Also remember there were 400 plus children killed in that attack alone.


Just be grateful that you are here today and thank the Goddesses and Gods or God to whom you pray too, that right now you are all safe in your homes and schools or work places and you are free to just walk in a park for the solitude of a moment of no Hatred!




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Thanks Tea for this fitting reminder of what we have, and what was lost. Our society has become so self absorbed and selfish that we often forget the little privileges we take for granted every day. The people who were lost that day must always be remembered, along with their families who are still hurting and who will always hurt. We are truly very fortunate to be here and sometimes we need a kick in the ass to remind us of something so basic.

Thanks for that kick in the ass Tea!!

Thank you Amethyst for your response. You are right we all need a kick at times, but like you said most do forget what they have and that includes me. There are so many people that have lost so much, but we still feel grateful for what have. I think that is what made me type out this post. Only in hopes that some would understand and at least take a moment to see the world outside of themselves.

Blessings Hun, Talk soon,


I often forget the simple pleasures that life hands me every day. Life, love, sunshine, moon light, and so on. Our so either has become so selfish (self included) that we forget. I'm trying to live a more simple life and find myself be oming more appreciative of the simple things. A friend's smile. The sound of my dog's tail when he hears my voice, those sorts of things. We forget what others have been forced to give up or have had taken from them. I like to think that I am a more sensitive and enlightened soul than most but days, and discussions, like this remind me I'm not. Thanks for the reminder Tea. Thanks for the reminder.

Hi Tea,

I think your first instinct to not use media was probably a good call. Most people don't live a conscious life, the world moves so fast they get swept up in things. And they say and do things with various media available they wouldn't or couldn't when we only had snail mail and face to face. I am sorry for your loss and the loss of so many unique, precious individuals. My cousin Susan is a first responder EMT. Days like this I say an extra prayer for her and all the others. Not everyone has lost focus, but I think more of us need to bring it up like you did. Thanks.

Thank you Angela, your words mean a lot. I will light candle for your cousin as the 1st responders are such a precious thing to us all; Unfortunately we lost to many that day and they like all those who died need a special place in all of our Hearts.

Blessings Always,


Thanks Tea 

She's a great person and has a great husband and two good kids. I'll join you in a candle tonight.

Well put.

I woke up on the morning of 9-11 with a bad hangover.  My wife and I were watching Good Morning America when they said after the commercial break they would show some make-up tips for women...well that didn't happen.  After the very brief commercial break I saw WTC1 on fire and heard that a "small plane accidentally hit the tower".  We were just about bored with it all when I saw the 2nd plane barreling towards the tower, I said to her "This is an attack, we are at war now."

I was glued to the tv for over a week after that.  I will never forget that day, I will never forget the shock I was in that didn't allow me to feel emotions for over 3 days, I will never forget the reporter who was fired for showing emotion that day, and from that day on I make a point to thank every firefighter/police officer I see for their dedication to those they serve. 

Imagine walking into your own death to save others, knowing that nobody will ever thank you, nobody will remember your name, and some will even claim it didn't happen...

Thank you Sandra for the response to the Post. I does mean a lot to me and others on this site that Lost love ones and dear friends.

Thank you Ray as well. I would tell you what I was doing but it would just take to long after the years of tears of losing a brother I loved so much and then having to send my Son off to war on his first day of leave in a year. He was only home less the 12 hours when the Attacks took place, then we got that dreaded Phone call. After that a week up 9/11 and a week afterwards I just went into my hole of Solitude. I took me years to ever go back to New York or to even Fly again, but my job I took demanded it and I had to over come it.

I guess all I can say is that I pray we never have to go through this again, but I know that is an unreasonable thought knowing how our world works. Maybe one day my prayers will come true and our world will be at peace.



The world may never be at peace, but the extraordinary response of ordinary citizens that day showed us a side of humanity that we rarely see.  Heroes emerged out of the darkness, a nation united in strength, the world united in empathy, and we all came together for one brief moment.

When I remember 9-11 now: I remember the heroes, I remember the fallen, and I remember the brief moment that the entire world came together...and through this I feel a little peace.

Thank you Ray, that was beautiful! I too feel the same why as you do and always will.



Very nice Ray. Thanks. I'm continually amazed at the things we need reminded of (myself in lured), and then I'm pleasantly surprised by the in redo le folks and the in redouble ways they remind me of just what I need to be reminded.

One of the things I remember of that day is the fear of my 6-year old son. Of course he didn't understand what was happening on t , but when an ambulance just happened to drive by where we were, he knew he needed to hide. Under the table he went. I'll never forget the fear of a child during that time.

Thanks guys.


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