Results of my 'surgery'...with a picture of the little demon living in me...

So, we did the EGD, but instead of having corrective surgery, we found
something the doctor has never seen before. It appears to have begun as
a cyst that grew through my esophagus. It is attached to a major artery
in my neck through a hole in my esophagus. Since its feeding itself off
my artery, they couldn't operate on it, because I would bleed to death
in a matter of minutes. The hospital was 'not equipped' to deal with
this thing. Now, come to find out, I have cancer cells growing in the
cyst's 'skin'...So, basically, its a massive, blood-filled cyst that is
now growing into a tumor...its horrible...I still can't eat...lost 15+
pounds already and I lose a little more everyday. So, if any of you
have really tasty recipes that are mushy and soft, I'd really
appreciate knowing them...I'm sick of jello and applesauce...I can do
some pastas and green bean casserole...That's it.

So, thank you, everyone for your healing prayers...We have a feeling
that my battle has just begun...But this little demon in my throat
doesn't know yet that I WILL KILL IT!! I'm about to head to Moffit
Cancer Center and we're gonna git this little demon gone!! Please
don't forget about me, I need all the strength and healing energies I
can muster...Thank you all for your help so far, and Gods willing, WE

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sending you strength love and light to see this monster off :)
i have barrets syndrom in my oesophagus the begginings of cell change .hate those cameras going down my throat .hope everything goes well for you love xxx~~blessings~~
Can't think of any good 'mushy' foods off the top of my head...but I'll think about it. In the meantime, I send healing prayers.
Geesh I thought I had problems Well I pray for you.... good luck!
hi victoria ,im so sorry to here what your going thru huni ,have you looked into taking essiac t ,look it up and see what you feal hun also i will include an email of an amazing man called rolph gordon he would be worth talking to his knowledge of cleansing the body is also well worth looking up on his site all about how geopathic stress happens and make sure your home is free from this ,lots of love and healing to you huni xxxLahilahxx
icesream,yoghurt,milkshakes,cottage in sauce. tried that the other day....not a good outcome...thank you, though!
don't worry you'll survive my mom went through the same thing but it was thyroid cancer instead she went a long time her favorite meal was fried green beans you take green beans and fry them in vegetable oil or if you really want to make them taste good bacon grease fry them until they just start to turn a dark color but don't burn them my god they are the greatest thing they taste awesome.
I'm not allowed to have anything fried...But I'll definitely try it when I get this thing gone!
I don't have alot of good recipes that are mushy but with a food processor you can always puree just about anything. It realy doesn't change the flavor of the food if you use the juices from the food to thin it down and most things don't have a bad texture. I work at an assisted living facility as a cook and I try everything I prepare. I donot recommend cooking foods till they are mushy though, this will kill all the nutrients. I know that puree foods don't sound very appetizing but they realy taste no different most of the time. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, keep up your strength.
Baby food and baby cereal ... and you can put any thing in a blender and drink it .. Am sending you Love and Light ...Blessings Alice
Go to for more Pagan graphics!

Many healing and positive energies are being sent your way. I do know you will kill this demon.

Here is a site with some ideas for soft foods:

Sending much love and many hugs:)
I'll post my reply under Lady Pam's since we're neighbors (Pinellas and Pasco...across the bay from Moffitt). I will keep you, Lady Victoria in my prayers and thoughts. A very positive attitude, such as you seem to have, is a good for your recovery. Please keep us posted and let us know how things go at Moffitt.... I would say frozen margaritas...but then the doc's might not like that idea...but they are sure good. love and hugs Gwen


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