Now we are open minded People-i hope-

some of us-

OKAY, here it is already*evil giggles*

What is revalations? what does it mean?

I was raised on the bible but that's the only point I cannot comprehend.*no comments from the peanut gallery*smiles*j/k

so since there are  2 million witches on here or of some sort

Can you please let me know what they are talking about .

Thanks and Bright and Dark Blessings


And isn't Christainity a cult of some sort?

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Two million is a high estimate, and why would we know? Is it because we are witches(some of us) that we should be able to interperete the bible? Wierd, I might have asked this on a christian site...but since you didn't I will break it down in a nutshell. There will be an antichrist born, his goal is to turn as many people away from god as he can before the rapture, at which time god will take all the "true believers" to heaven leaving the rest behind to deal with a host of problems....disease, fire, drought, famine, swarms of shit right? So any way during this time, there is a battle going on in heavan between good and evil, the people left on earth have a choice, follow the antichrist or become a believer. Anyway this will go on for awile until the end of the earth, at which time god will try again, after all if a first you don't succeed, try try again!!!!
Of course I think this is all utter bullshit, but it does make for a good read!
okay let me ask you this....why did GOD set Eve up for failure knowing she would have curiosity to find out whay GOD said not to touch that tree-so many contraditions.
And thanks for answering my question CS. I know 2 million was a HUGE estimate but it got your attention,huh?
<~The PaganPixie~>
Yep. Kind of changes ones whole perspective doesn't it?
He didn't....It is a fucking story!!!!! God does not exist!
Hey I actually just finished up reading revalations for the first time. All I can say, wish I had shroons like that when I was a kid. lol. Those boys were triping bad. Must of got a hold of some bad wine and cheese or something. Hey a thought, maybe the devil made them do
Real nice god them christians have, but I'll stick with Spirit, he wants all to get along and doesn't want to kill us all off and put us some horrible place because we used the knowledge Spirit gave us.
They call my path weird, (shakes head) I mean really have people actually read this book. Talk about delusional. Wow.
I take the word to mean that generally speaking - Things get cleared up. Questions are answered, and we know the final truth.
It's at least partly about the roman emperor Nero.
Nero=666("the AntiChrist") he persecuted Christians.
then end of a phase on earth


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