So far every pagan tradition I've come across uses some kind of ritual blade and all of them have different opinions on how it should be used. Some people insist on using a ritual blade, such as an athame, only in ritual and never to cut anything. Period. Some groups will have special knives for different tasks, and yet other will use the same knife for everything.


I never gave this topic much thought, but a few weeks ago while on a pagan campout I saw a man cutting potatoes for breakfast with an athame the morning after ritual. After reading so many Wiccan books dogmatically stating to never cut anything with an athame, I couldn't help but laugh. When I asked him about why he was using it, he shrugged and said, "It's a knife. I needed a knife."


That said, what do people here think about rituals blades? How do you use them in your tradition, if at all? Will any old knife do, or does it need to be a special implement? To cut potatoes or not to cut potatoes? Remember, there are no wrong answers and no one tradition is any more "correct" than another. I'm just curious to see what people have to say on the matter.

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Mine is semi-dull, and only used for ritual purposes. I'm of a Traditional Wiccan tradition though, so abide by a certain praxis, however it's personally acceptable to hear of others doing their own thing in different traditions, or personal spiritualities. Fair play to the guy. Kind of fits into the "pseudo-history" of ritual daggers being normal mundane everyday objects. Even on the elaborate fancy side, there was just a W. B. Yeats exhibition in Dublin, that featured pics of his Golden Dawn tools, and for such a fancy order, was suprised to see that their tools were a lot smaller, and normal looking than I realised.


We do have a coven member that's a farmer, and probably lives more in tune with the land than any of us. His athame is a small knife of a non-black wooden handle, that he's used mundanely his whole life. In that kind of situation, he's rightly able to get by with it. 

the last time i used my sickle to cut a potato i damn near cut the end of my finger clean now i have a great blooded crescent knife ill use in ritual....just dont misjudge the angle of the knife. 

I don't have separate ritual tools.  My tools are my tools no matter what I'm using them for.  Knives are knives, a tablecloth is a tablecloth, bowls are bowls and candles are candles.  So on, so forth.  I'm entirely too practical (and broke) to use things that aren't multipurpose.

The athame is a clumsy instrument; A knife however has many uses.

I'm afraid to have a double blade in my house O.o

i have a few ritual blades in my practice, some are more sacred than others, for instance i have one that is only used for blood, and only an initiated member is of my tradition is allowed to touch it, also have one that is used for cutting herbs and for use on any ingedients for a ritual, then i also have a machete that is used for burning black powder on when sending out energy during rituals. my ritual blades are always with their respective alters, and only leave if i am doing spiritual work in nature, i wouldn cut potatoes with any of my ritual blades, but i carry a regular knife anyway all the time in case things like that come up

I have come across all sorts:  Some that have strict rules about their athemes (Goddess forbid that you even touch it).  Some that are a bit more lax on the rules (an atheme is an atheme, but sure, you can check it out).  Some that have the attitude that an atheme is just a knife, it is what you do with it that counts.  

I would have to say that when it comes to ritual tools, they are tools after all.  If you use a hammer to tighten a screw or a wrench to drive a nail, it would be rather difficult and you may end up with an undesirable conclusion.  I would say that it is the work you do that counts; but I wouldn't mix concrete with a pipe wrench.

Hey I have used a pipe wrench to stir concrete. It was the only thing long enough to reach the bottom of the bucket and could be washed off Needed a bit of concrete to pour in a post hole ya see. lol. No harm was caused to the concrete or wrench I am happy to report. lol.


I love high quality tools and kitchen ware, and once you got used to using a cast iron stew pot and fine German steel knives, there is no turning back. Even if I would do Wiccan ritual, I would refuse to be uneconomic.

All the "Witch" items are classic homemakers items, even a wand. Which is why in German speaking regions where old-school homemaking is not something we see in the movies only, at least eclectic Wicca is not really that popular.

I'll cut potatoes & draw a circle with the same blade. I prefer blades that are more combat ready for ritual.


I personally use my knife/athame for everything.....I am a kitchen witch and feel that my tools become more powerful, the more I use them......sorta like they have a "memory".

I found the perfect knife on ebay....It was a hunting knife (I would NEVER use it to kill anything.....that's just me) is a heavy duty, but small knife with a stainless steel blade and wooden handle. It's simple but perfect for everything. I am planning on carving the Triple Goddess symbol with a wood burning tool.....maybe I'll do that today.



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