I love this guy. I just discovered him, I know I'm late to the party but this thread is for him.

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Gasp!! How can you not know Dali?!

So I'm working on a series of paintings and mixed media pieces in Surrealist style, inspired by his works and Frieda Kahlo's. Absolutely one of my favorite artists!

Honestly I'm just now getting deep into paintings and photography so I'm just scratching the surface and exploring it all. Writing, Music, cinema, video game design and culinary have been my primary artistic interests but now Im looking at it all.  I plan to take journalism and photography classes at college soon, until culinary starts but I want to take some painting and drawing classes too. Basically I love all art forms but thats a big universe

Ive always liked Escher and there are some similarities between his work and Dali's; in that they are both very out there but I love that 

Not sure what Exquisite Corpse has to do with the Black Dahlia, but it is a lot of fun to play! Me and my art school friends use to get together occasionally and play it, we came up with some pretty ridiculous results.

That does look fun. Its Freudian too, as is surrealism and I'm a fan of Freud

This might be of some interest!

That's cool.  If you want a good disney film look up his WW2 anti Nazi propaganda cartoon. holy hell its hysterical

Yes I've seen it! It's pretty great. I think I should give it a rewatch. :P

yep..I love the guy


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