Today I got into a Discussion with my summer school Philosophy professor about religions that fit into the "other" category; such as the Occult, Witchcraft, and Satanism. One of the other students made a claim that Satanism, Witchcraft, and the occult are the reasons why America is suffering so much. He said that America was built upon Christian Values so letting Goddess and Satan worshipers into our country is doing more harm then allowing illegal immigrants.

He also provided "sources" for his beliefs which I have linked below.


So, what do you all think? Are we, the "others", causing America's decline? Have we invoked the wrath of god?


I personally think what's happening with America (i.e. terrorism, debt, etc.) is mostly a political/money grubbing problem not a religious problem.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3  




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He's full of shit. I am a Satanist and I don't worship Satan, although there are gods I worship.

I know. It pisses me off how many people can watch a video and take it to heart without any more thought put into it. 



Im just a Satinist. Especially if it's silk satin.
I've always been drawn to the Egyptian Cotton pantheon, myself.
hahahaha!  I didn't know it but I guess I'm a Satinist too with strong leanings toward the Egyptian Cotton pantheon as well!  Actually, I think I lean more towards the Egyptian Cotton pantheon...(oh shit...I'm a Libra too...)
Have you ever tried the Bamboo pantheon?? Very soft and cushy. I'm partial to them, myself. They're a sustainable pantheon as well. Very eco friendly and all that...
ooooooh.... I have a pair of bamboo jeans that are AMAZING
isn't satanism mostly about letting into your desires safely?
this guy is clearly an intolerant moron. And BTW, the US was founded by Freemasons! Not to mention that the Freemason higher ups don't have anything to do with the occult. Oh wait! They do! hahahaa!


Good point I didn't think of that, I'm going to bring that up tomorrow just to see what other things he'll spit out.


Tell us what he says :D
Exactly. It pisses me off when certain conspiracy theorists slam the Masons and other esoteric societies when they did alot more to advance the cause of freedom than these nutcases ever did.


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