Today I got into a Discussion with my summer school Philosophy professor about religions that fit into the "other" category; such as the Occult, Witchcraft, and Satanism. One of the other students made a claim that Satanism, Witchcraft, and the occult are the reasons why America is suffering so much. He said that America was built upon Christian Values so letting Goddess and Satan worshipers into our country is doing more harm then allowing illegal immigrants.

He also provided "sources" for his beliefs which I have linked below.


So, what do you all think? Are we, the "others", causing America's decline? Have we invoked the wrath of god?


I personally think what's happening with America (i.e. terrorism, debt, etc.) is mostly a political/money grubbing problem not a religious problem.


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Once one understands that "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, under love" means that one needs to take responsibility for one's actions then it becomes clear as to why Fundamentalist Christian's hate it. You see, they need to be doing the will of their god and not their own. Heaven forbid we trust & love ourselves enough to make our own choices with the intention to create some thing better than what we were given in life. 


Hence the rebellion of rock & roll, abstract art & the modern appearance of perennial philosophy.  

I was just thinking these people love to llay blame and point fingers why not force it on everyone else

Well, when christians are literalistic and fanatical, their god becomes a tyrannical, jealous and wrathful bastard who felt he could kill any one he wanted; including his own son in order that mercy should flow. So when these kind of Christians hear that there are people in this world who think of themselves as gods then they imagine their own god as a model - no never mind the fact that the Christian god hates all other god any way. 


It appears as though they see people with this mantra of "do what though wilt ..." as being accountable to no one but themselves, because that's who their god operates.


However those of use who actually respect people and gods who are NOT tyrannical, ever watching, ever judging tribalistic warriors can see the good in calling your self one. I mean, the statement is clearly for every one so as to demand that all peoples respect each other by realizing their full potential as conscious beings. 


Where is the harm in that, I ask you? Oh yea, hell fire.

The Christian God and the Way of following the Bible has been a scapegoat for many NOT to be empowered in their own way......throw ALL your burdens on dont have to get off your own ass

Hel yeah - I also see that a back and forth between Government and tyrannical Corporations exists. I don't know how one could oppress without the other in this county - currently. Government hasn't yet taken the step toward State Socialism and personality worship which means some one else is doing the stick waving in my eyes. That seems to put capitalist power structures next in line for the enactment of tyranny. 


That's not just in this county ether - our military may be preemptively attacking nearly every one and any one but corporation is the one pushing that - and all for nothing but greater selling power.  


Crap - I think I'm off topic ...

I'll bet he has no clue how interested several of the founding fathers might have been in occultism.  I'll bet he also doesn't realize that not all of them where actually Christian the way he thinks of Christians.


He's just a xenophobic punk like most Christian Republicans and Tea Partiers.  Ignore him, do your assignments, graduate from his class and don't waste your time trying to convince him otherwise.  He won't listen.  He's probably pretty sure that witches go around cursing his kids with Halloween candy.  Sometimes you can't help the crazies and it's not worth trying.


Thomas Jefferson fought to keep seperation of church and state. The founding fathers did not shun religion, but they knew they must be kept seperate or the chruch would perscute those who did not aggree with them. Almost all the politicians say they are christian and they run the country, they have weekly prayer breakfasts and quote the bible when ever there is a problem. Maybe the fact that they force us to obey their laws and follow their plan maybe it's their fault, in the netherlands where prositution and drugs are legal they have a very low crime rate and a better healthier life style. This can all be found on Google, not a phantasy but a successful reality. 
DO you think modern day politicians even remember this or apply it,however??
GOOD point on the "morals".......that is determined by the person,not the faith...

I think the person who said that was an idiot who has no idea what they are talking about.




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