Today I got into a Discussion with my summer school Philosophy professor about religions that fit into the "other" category; such as the Occult, Witchcraft, and Satanism. One of the other students made a claim that Satanism, Witchcraft, and the occult are the reasons why America is suffering so much. He said that America was built upon Christian Values so letting Goddess and Satan worshipers into our country is doing more harm then allowing illegal immigrants.

He also provided "sources" for his beliefs which I have linked below.


So, what do you all think? Are we, the "others", causing America's decline? Have we invoked the wrath of god?


I personally think what's happening with America (i.e. terrorism, debt, etc.) is mostly a political/money grubbing problem not a religious problem.


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Video 2

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Do it!!!
It was another student who brought it up, not the professor.

A Private College. The Professor was bringing up how religion is a major factor to the development of a person/culture and that is why the student brought this up. 



The problem America faces is due to these very people who cling onto the conditioning that America was built upon Christian values.


America was built on Christianity, though, contrary to all those who don't believe this. Yes, there were some who were anti-clerical and others who were deists, or ostensibly so, but the vast majority were of some Christian denomination or other.

You also need to keep in mind Pavlor that they didn't have a choice. One got more of their business deals, news, gossip, hook-ups, etc at church. It was more of a cultural norm then a religion to them.

Just me opinion.  


WHAT a silly one sided argument thay "professor" has!!! Of course WE are not causing this stuff,unless WE are the assholes that are,like the selfish politicians,big business people,big oil barrons......Christian values? Like these people? He cant be serious......
AW,could be,I'll reread the OP,I know  has had issues with assholes in her class before. She's a feisty one,,says philosopy professor......dont they know everything?? lol.......
Thank God!

America's founders were mostly Deists, I believe.  I doubt though that anyone who talks about 'Christian values' would understand much of anything.  Now, that may sound prejudiced on my part, and I don't want to appear more close minded than I already am, but, from my experience in life, I find and have determined that 'Christian values' is a phrase used to justify whatever the user so wishes it to justify. 


Now, you know that religions and beliefs other than and even contrary to the Abrahamic religions in general are certainly not responsible for the downfall of this country.  That's laughable.  It's like invading a country, disrupting its infrastructure and leaving the populace without water, is not just incredibly stupid (as it could only breed contempt), but inhumanely cruel.  And that was just foreplay for creating a debt situation in our own country that has caused an amazing amount of suffering.  Even though I don't consider myself a Christian any longer (per se), I know enough about Christianity to know that that just ain't Christian. 

SEEMS the person sees ALL PAGANS as Satanists too and is looking for some group to "blame",period NOT Christians....


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