I have always had a strange fascination with Ancient Egypt, particularly the 18th dynasty - but it's more than that.
I seem to have an emotional connection with Tutankhamen. When I see an image of his mummified face, I cry. When I think about the post death desecration of his body but Carter, I cry. When I found out that he was buried without his heart, I stopped breathing for a moment.
It is my main goal in life to see him in person and I know I will likely fall to the floor.
What I want to know is, why?
It has been suggested that I may have known him in a past life. If this is the case, would being one of his subjects be cause for this reaction? Or is it something else?
What are your thoughts or ideas? Is there anyone else here that has experienced this or something similar.

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He sounds like your Icon.  Research Icons, come back here and tell me what you think.

What exactly do you mean by an Icon SIN? That's a word that has a lot of definitions.  I know what it means in some contexts, but not in this one. 

I have had something similar, yet different. It wasn't a person for me, it was places. For example, any sort of "widow's peak" type outcropping high enough to oversee plenty of land fills me with the strangest emotions and urges. Anytime I see an outcropping over a cliff, I am compelled to stand at the edge's apex. Once there, there is a rush of overwhelming emotion that I don't understand. Sometimes I pray, sometimes I stand there drowning in the awe.

I find it odd that I should be drawn to such a thing, though, because I have a ridiculous fear of heights.

If it is a past-life thing: which this certainly could be, then you were somebody fairly close to him, not just a random subject but someone who knew him on a personal level.  This doesn't necessarily mean that person was important: you might have been his chariot driver, his nurse etc, who would both have been slaves, but would also have had a lot of personal and meaningful interactions with him throughout his life.  The emotions you are having though are exactly those that many other people feel when they know that for whatever reason their relatives will not be buried properly: i.e. those whose ancestors were buried in mass graves or lost at sea. Emotions that I know all too well unfortunately; I also know that you wouldn't feel it for a celebrity or a ruler, only for someone you knew on an intimate level when they were alive.  


Not only could SensenRa have been someone of lesser importance like a servant or soldier or slave, she might have been someone not even attached to the royal household.  People exist even today who worship celebrities - whether athletes, royalty, movie stars, etc - who they have never met.  They follow their lives, become emotionally invested, etc.

People wept and mourned over the deaths of famous people like Michael Jackson or John Lennon who they never met or lived near.

SensenRa could have been also just as simple peasant or town dweller who was heavily invested emotionally in loyalty and love to the Royal Family, not someone close to them.

Well first don't weep that Tut was buried without his heart, it was common practice, they removed all the organs, including the brain, the organs would be ritually placed in jars, knoptic jars, I believe they were called, the spelling may be off. I would have to agree with those that feel this connection is past life re-lated, and it is possible that being the subject of a Pharoh, espcially had he been kind to you in some way, could bring about emotional reactions, but I agree that, if past life, your reaction is stronger than I would think a subject would have. 

I have deep emotional connections to a few historical periods, of which I have dreams of, a sense of intimacy with the time, and emotional response to events of those times. 

Meditate, there are some really good meditation practices that focus on past life recall, and I am sure that there are experienced people here that could be helpful, but be prepared for what you may find, often it's not all pleasant, most of us were "just people" who lived hard lives and died hard deaths. 


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