I am not sure where to begin...

I have been raised with stories that my grandfather was deathly afraid of my great-grandmother because her tarot card readings were so accurate that he was perpetually afraid of her and refused to look her in the eye for fear of being hexed.

I have been told that my grandmother had gifts and great potential, but she was diagnosed with schizophrenia fairly early in life; I personally believe that she abused her body and mind so horribly that her potential turned on her.

Unfortunately, my grandmother separated from our family essentially as soon as she had her children, and took the family lineage to the grave.  I would like to investigate my heritage in hopes of finding my family line's coven, gifts, some sense of where my insight and potential is rooted in order to expound upon and learn to control what gifts I have that run amuck at the moment... but I honestly do not know where to start.

Any advice/suggestions that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.

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I would start with genealogy, researching your family history a little bit more. This will help you learn where your family is from and what sort of ties they may have. I know there are genealogy groups out there that would be willing to help you in your search. The local group by me meets at the library. Would be a good place to start. 

You can also try contacting your grandmothers spirit directly. just be careful you don't get another entity pretending to be her. 

Genealogy groups? I have not heard of this before.  Thank you for the suggestion.

Did she have any siblings?

My grandmother had a brother that has passed away, if that is the "she" that you are referring to.

Unfortunately, none of the elders from that side of the family remain, and none of the children were given the an opportunity to learn about their genealogy, hence my dilemma.


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