This little idea sprung to life from an old discussion in a group on here. So I decided to extend it a little bit. 

What "gender" does the Elements have to you?

What "Gender" does the Seasons have to you?

Many of us grow up hearing "Oh its just mother nature", but does that indicate the Element of Earth is only female?

Why is Fire Masculine? <-- There are just as many Fire goddesses as there are male Fire gods. 

Air is mostly known for being male, but why? There are female spirits associated with air in Slavic lore, namely known as Veela

There are quite many Male Water Gods, but also many female Water Gods.

in Russian Folklore they have someone named Father Frost or King Frost to some. He is supposed to be the personification of Winter.

Then we can travel Norway and find among the old norse goddesses. Skadi, a giant but born from the primal forces who created the world (according to norse cosmolgy) Her season is also Winter and has been seen skiing along to help someone lost in a Snow Storm, or be vengeful when a snow storm is close. A personification. 

Theres also that interesting almost world known forces of the Sun and the Moon, in norse cosmology Sol (Sun) is female and Mani (Moon) is male and brother to Sol

Hundreds of books. So many culture differences

You see this now? Think which is which in your opinion?

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The reason why the earth is called mother because she feeds. clothes. water. clean and shelter us. water is a woman because she feeds and water us. wind and fire is men and time is a man.

Why? Is that your true experiences, or is it because it was in a book? 

Earth can be represented by Cerrunnos or Herne the Hunter and the Green Man..."men" and associated with Earth.

Brighid is the Goddess of Fire, Smithcrafting, The Hearth and Poetry, another the aspects of Fire...she is not "masculine" fire..

In my spirituality the four Element spirits have no gender. They were the first spirits so they have great power but they are not ruled by a stereotype of gender.

But we do say Mother Earth and Father Sky.

But that is because way back they believed that rain is what fertilized the plants to grow. The rain fell and then plants would grow from the earth. So they associated earth as a mother as in to grow things and the sky was the father because of the rain falling seemed to them to cause this growth.

In my spirituality there is also Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun. As in distant relatives, the Moon was often gray always about and sometimes helpful but still a mystery always and seemed very wise as like a Grandmother and the Sun was the same as many Grandfathers were.


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