My friend wrote this song, he's singing playing the instruments ect.. he doesn't think its very good. I thought it sounded pro myself

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Sounds like basic layering with any number of apps, the same monotonous beat repeatedly played over and over with the only beat change coming at 2:12 with the ever so slight "ding". I didn't hear anything extrodinary. Does he have something else? I listened to like 4 minutes of it and I think it's extremely awful and torture to make anyone listen to this track until its had some serious work.....I listened to several of the other songs and sounds like the same problem...sounds amateurishly NIN

P.s. take it with a grain of salt

I can't get the damn song to play.

me neither

Hmm.. I m guessing you've had musical training as are perhaps a professional your self then?

My daughter and I thought it was extremely beautiful... of course we're not professionally trained.. we just respond emotionally and intuitively to music.


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