Whats the most frightening predator /entity you have encounterd in the etheral/ spirit side/ astral realm.

I remember. I encounterd a black dog with red eyes, it moved like it was a static twitch. It moved slowly. Towards me, i knew it was a low grade demon

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I know of something, I simply call the presence. It seems to be formless. This thing gives me a .. feeling, through this feeling I sense it, I can build a picture in my mind. It seems to enjoy pain, and takes great pleasure in my discomfort.

Same here, Jameson.

The most frightening I’ve encountered was the unseen. It had no form, it was ominous.

Indeed it is, i remember it kept messing with my attention,
And it even pulled me off my couch.

I've had more frightening encounters in my home than in my dreams. 


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