I know only a little about Vodou, so I am hoping someone who is familiar with Papa Legba might help me out. I'll give a little background. I've been trying to help a friend who is looking for work. A couple of months of effort and no spell has done the trick. It's been ridiculous, anyone could have found a job by now, magic or no. She's doing everything right, but nothing has even seemed to help at all. I've been lighting candles on this so long that I've attracted two unsolicited job offers to myself, haha.

   I decided to switch to Road Opening instead because she definitely has something blocking her way. Standard petition paper, orange candle, Abre Camino oil. I didn't call on any saint or diety. The night after I started the Road Opening I had a dream. It was hazy and I only remember pieces of it. I remember being confused about the names Ellegua and Legba. I read a lot, so I knew they were associated with crossroads. And the dream was about crossroads, a red rattle, and some red powder I was supposed to either take or bury there. I only barely remembered the dream when I awoke.

   So, I started reading about Papa Legba. A minute ago I found out there is a rattle called an asson used in rites serving Papa Legba. Remembering that red rattle in my dream, I booked it over here for some information. I'm out here on the dusty plains of Texas and have zero exposure to Vodou traditions.

   I guess what I'm wanting to know is if it's wise or even safe to start working with Papa Legba without being initiated or even familiar with Vodou traditions. He sound's like the go-to Lwa for Road Opening, but he's also a bit of Trickster, right? I like to do my homework before I go off messing with things I don't know anything about.

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Well... what's the worst that could happen?...   ;)

But I'm more curious about you doing work for another... shouldn't your friend be doing the work for herself?... speaking primarily of doing candle magic and such... that may be why you got the "unsolicited" job offers and not your friend...

   Oh, she's doing plenty of the work on her end as well. I just have better toys, lol. I'm guessing it was just the Law of Attraction kicking in when I got job offers. You know how when you start up a new working and all of sudden you see synchronistic symbols and themes from the work? It's like that.  That makes me think the blockage/obstacle is on her end, so I left her to do the job hunting work and I switched to Road Opening.

Ah, ok... never mind and carry on...

And sorry, don't have anything on Papa Legba, I knew a person once that went that direction but she was somewhat unstable and kinda mad... yeah, seriously... lots of issues though, can't help but wonder of Papa Legba looked at her and decided to incapacitate her for her own good... and her kids who are now with the grandparents last I heard...  

   You were right on the money about what the problem might be if she wasn't doing any of the work herself. I just didn't do a great job of explaining the situation.

So, incapacitated for her own good, eh? I'm going to mark that one down as a vote for Not A Good Idea.

   I'm cautious about what kinds of forces I might invite into my life. So, I'm grateful to hear anyone's experiences. Joke as I may, I don't take these things lightly. I really do appreciate everyone's input.

I don't practice Vodou, but I've experienced Papa Legba and found him most agreeable, granted I was doing a working on behalf of another. Approach him with the proper respect and humility and I'm pretty sure he'll help you out, he is the gateway to the Lwa, afterall.

Yeah, I'm reluctant to mess with Vodou without any kind of teacher. From what I read about Papa Legba, he seems very likable and approachable. I appreciate his offer to help, if that's what the dream was. I work with St Anthony all the time, and I know Papa Legba is associated with St Anthony. I also usually pay genius loci with rum when I leave spell remains at a crossroads. It wouldn't be any kind of stretch for me to call out to Legba, especially when working a Road Opener.

I just don't want to offend him since I'm uninitiated and don't know any of the traditional ways to work with him. I went ahead and picked up some St Lazarus candles today, since it occurred to me that refusing an offer of help might offend him just as easily. I really do appreciate you sharing your experience with me.

 I'm going to meditate on it a bit more, and do a reading. Truth be told, Papa Legba sounds like the kind of spirit I'd enjoy working with from what I've read. He's got a sense of humor so that's good since I end up being pretty funny to watch.

I found him entirely friendly and open. Perhaps those who expect negativity get what they expect. Papa Legba is the doorway to the Lwa, he's not adversary at all. Proper respect and honor, it's not rocket science. Though I did work with him on behalf of one of his own, maybe that's an issue too, I'd not warrant a guess there.

Well, let me run this past you to see what you think. I'm thinking I'll do this job of work exactly as I have been, in the way I already know how to do it. As much as I'd like to trace out one of those cool looking veve symbols and wear a straw hat, I wouldn't have a clue about what I was doing. I wouldn't want to make a mockery of anything.

Instead, what if I simply light a St Lazarus candle beside my Road Opening work, thank Papa Legba in advance for helping, ask him to open the gates and the roads. Later pay him at the crossroads with rum, a cigar, and probably a few other things for good measure?

Ain't that the truth. Exactly the reason I'm embarrassing myself on the public boards rather than attempting some Texas version of a Vodou spell I pulled off a website somewhere.

I was hoping everyone here would say,"Oh we do it all the time. It's all good."

Instead I'm reminded of a song by the Talking Heads called Papa Legba....It might rain money. It might rain fire.

I don't have a ton of experience with Vodou but I have been to a few fets (party/ritual) and I have talked to a few people. according to Haitian Vodou tradition Legba is one of the nicest and easiest spirits to please. Plus he is in everyone's "spiritual court". As far as the asson goes, you wont be needing an asson.  An asson is an item that is made by other Houngans and mambos and it denotes lineage. Essentially a real consecrated asson denotes that you have the highest rank and could start your own house. I have called on him before with great results. Cleans the space where you working and pray for protection however you do it ( I recommend calling upon your ancestors to protect you). Honestly this may sound a little strange but I did this in a doorway, because Legba is associated with doorways and crossroads, with some rum and coke (he likes coffee too).  You ask the highest divine which Haitians call Bondye (I believe it's pronounced Bon Dieu but I could be very very wrong you could just say highest divine or spirit or whatever.) to grant you an audience with Papa Legba. Light a small candle so Legba can find his way to you. The candle is a beacon and an offering. Then you wait a few moments for the energy to change. You will feel it. You then basically chat with him. Introduce yourself and talk with him like a respected friend and elder. In the conversation say something like, "If you help me with (x) I'll give you (y)". He likes candy, coffee, rum, tobacco, popcorn, stuff like that. It doesn't have to be a lot so don't go nuts.  I gave him three bars of chocolate and some more rum and coke to give you an idea. You may feel like he wants something else. After you are done say thank you and dispose of the his rum and coke either at a crossroads or at a tree and let the candle burn out (be safe obviously you can wait until the candle burns out to dispose of the drink). You can do it the same way when and if he helps you. It's not the absolute most traditional Haitian way to do this but I found it effective. I hope this helps. You add me and contact me if you'd like more info. I am no expert but I can point you in a good direction.

   Thanks Jason, that is a very concise protocol. It's very similar to how I work with the spirits I'm familiar with. The more I look into it the more confident I feel about working with Papa Legba. I'll be sure to let everyone know how it goes.   I apologize to everyone for being absent the last two days. We had a terrible storm that blew down my favorite tree, which ripped down the power line and cable internet when it fell.

   I really want to thank everyone for their input. I'm isolated from other pagans where I live so Paganspace has been a great resource and blessing to me.

Sorry to hear about that and you are welcome. You may also like this blog by the way:



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