I know only a little about Vodou, so I am hoping someone who is familiar with Papa Legba might help me out. I'll give a little background. I've been trying to help a friend who is looking for work. A couple of months of effort and no spell has done the trick. It's been ridiculous, anyone could have found a job by now, magic or no. She's doing everything right, but nothing has even seemed to help at all. I've been lighting candles on this so long that I've attracted two unsolicited job offers to myself, haha.

   I decided to switch to Road Opening instead because she definitely has something blocking her way. Standard petition paper, orange candle, Abre Camino oil. I didn't call on any saint or diety. The night after I started the Road Opening I had a dream. It was hazy and I only remember pieces of it. I remember being confused about the names Ellegua and Legba. I read a lot, so I knew they were associated with crossroads. And the dream was about crossroads, a red rattle, and some red powder I was supposed to either take or bury there. I only barely remembered the dream when I awoke.

   So, I started reading about Papa Legba. A minute ago I found out there is a rattle called an asson used in rites serving Papa Legba. Remembering that red rattle in my dream, I booked it over here for some information. I'm out here on the dusty plains of Texas and have zero exposure to Vodou traditions.

   I guess what I'm wanting to know is if it's wise or even safe to start working with Papa Legba without being initiated or even familiar with Vodou traditions. He sound's like the go-to Lwa for Road Opening, but he's also a bit of Trickster, right? I like to do my homework before I go off messing with things I don't know anything about.

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   Thanks for the link. This is good stuff. Haha, you are contributing to my occult reading addiction. I heard that Dr E died last January. I really liked his blog and learned quite a bit. He's going to be missed.

Oh I certainly could contribute a lot more ;).  I loves me some occult reading. I know about Dr. E and it sucks terribly. I like his blog to as well as his unnamed path podcast. I believe that his products are still being made by his husband and mother. 

I am not of Haitian tradition, but I will share what I know. Legba is like the middle man to the rest of the Lwe. You go through him to speak to the others. He is awesome and warm, but needa to be respected. I have never spoken to him, but that's what I have learned.

Hey man! I'm in central Texas and I've done a little work with Legba too. You may also consider that the Crossroads symbolizes a change in direction, as in your friend may need to do some other inner work before returning to work if that makes sense! You might do some divination over it to check results!

  Hey Lotuswulf, nice to meet you. That is an excellent point, insightful. She's got what it takes to get a good job, but on the inside... Well, she's hurting and angry, that one. We all have our stuff to work out in this life.

  Most of the readings I've done in regard to her situation keep indicating that she'll be financially stable eventually, but it's always about emotion/spiritual growth when it comes to the gettin' there. And she's had some emotional healing in the past few weeks. But, in the meantime she needs to be able to cover all the bills.

That's one of the worst parts of working with the spiritual realms, society says "pay bills!" and the spirits say "work out your problems!" Its like its impossible to make everyone happy!

Haha, try to keep a foot in both worlds, but sometimes you end up doing the splits. See, that's why the professionals are always wearing those nifty robes. It's all about leg room.

Yeah baggy pants aren't just for sk8rs & punks!

   I wanted to let everyone know how things went. Don't you hate it when you never hear the end of a story? I made contact with someone who works with both Papa Legba and Ellegua. It was not Papa Legba, but Ellegua who sent me the dream. It's a long story, and rather personal so I won't go into details. Suffice it to say, I was trying to push the river with the Road Opening. It wasn't for me to work directly with Ellegua as it turns out. Ultimately the dream lead me to find someone who works with Ellegua and she was an invaluable help in getting everything set straight. I'm very grateful to her, and to Ellegua for setting me on a path to meet her. I thought that was a rather elegant maneuver on his part, the way it worked out.

   My thanks to everyone who helped give me the advice I needed. You guys are the best and I appreciate it.


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