Does anyone know how to detach a shadow being from a person and banish it

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i have heard that a  new coffin or a horseshoe nail can be used to pin a Witches shadow to the floor to prevent enchantment, but not how to remove a shadow being from a person, sorry.

Thanks anyway

Youre welcome M`aam.

I dont know if this will be any help, but its an e book and free to read-it may contain something that you could try /use?


It depends on the nature of the shadow. Most shadows can be cleansed with a simple cleansing candle spell though this requires their consent. Have them sit in a dark room with a white pillar candle illuminating their front, casting the shadow to the rear of said person. Then, take a peice of paper cut to resemble a person (think kindergarten style) and write their name on it behind them in their shadow. As you write each character envision the shadow being drawn into your writing and when you have sealed the last of the shadow within the final characters of their name simply return to the pillar candle and have THEM burn the paper figure. Hope this helps. Removing curses and dealing with spirits is my primary focus.

this thing is not good in nature at all and it is alittle stronger than i thought myself maybe it was the years that it has been attached to him?

By creation its on a timeframe. Duration of cast is one of its limitations. Id want to know how long its been around? Thoughtforms can continue to exist purely on the energy its paid. No mind, no matter

its been around for years and its really clung to him and its not nice at all 


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