I'm always on the look out for more pagan music. Tell me your favorites songs and artists! Feel free to post lyrics, videos, and download links.


Here are a few of my favorites:






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I have a lot of songs on my computer from non-pagan bands that have a definite pagan flair. Hymn to Her by The Pretenders is pretty obviously about the goddess and the moon.



Malleus Malificarum by A.F.I. could really be for anyone who feels persecuted and misunderstood, but the lyrics describe the drowning and burning accused witches endured.





I listen to this when I need to ground myself, usually in meditation after a long day.  The whole album is very relaxing to me.  Songs of Kuan Yin. (Goddess of Mercy)

Lovely, very peaceful.

I haven't found any, erm, Pagan bands that I like. There are some songs that make me feel all spiritual. One that comes to mind is "When Everyone Forgets" by ThouShaltNot. It's based on American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Totally one of my favorite books ever. It's slipstream, because that's what Gaiman does best but I can't not adore it as a Pagan... and Anansi Boys (to a lesser extent).


Totally got the "Where's Neil When You Need Him?" CD when it first came out. A lot of my favorite artists doing songs about the works of one of my favorite writers? How could I resist? "When Everyone Forgets" totally grabbed me on a spiritual level for some reason. Kinda bad sound quality, but I found it on the Youtubes:


Will all songs be ancient text when
Affairs of lust and power lost on
Railroad tracks or slaveship decks
Why has your love become neglect?
Somewhere there's a memory
A truth that lives in lies
An echo of the way you knew me under foreign skies
Will I live in hiding
Between these silhouettes?
Will you remember me when everyone forgets?


Love it. In relation to the book itself, I actually preferred Thea Gilmore's "Even Gods Do". But that doesn't make me feel all spiritual or anything. I just like it. >_> Also, ThouShaltNot is an awesome band outside of that song.

Well you beat me to Hagalaz' Runedance, but here are other artists at the top of my list:

Dead Can Dance - As the Bell Rings, the Maypole Spins


Libana - Lullaby


Lisa Thiel - Samhain Song


Abigail Spinner McBride - Singing in the Circle


Walela - Cherokee Morning Song


Obviously, I'm partial to female vocals... 



Heathen folk music with talent and skill.


I love S.J. Tucker, and her attitude in Go Away God Boy is something more pagan music needs! No more miss nice goddess, yes?



I love Rachel Brice! Her spine is actually a snake I think.

Hagalaz' Runedance is good (think you have one up there),
but one you simply must look up: KELLIANNA.

One more, never heard of the band, know just one song,
Band is Groove Coverage - Song: God is a Girl
There are bad versions, but I like this one more:


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