Has anyone had any success using St. Expedite? Please share your stories!


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Thanks everyone for your thoughts. At the time of the post I really needed some serious help...and guess what? Yea this worked...So naturally being curious I wanted to know if you guys had any experience with him.  Have a great holiday season everyone!

I  just did a  prayer  to him but I did not have, a picture? My printers not  working. SoI have red roses in front of the candle with my prayer request  and the pound cake waiting  my request. I asked for a  speedy healing and recovery from my illiness and  surgery.  So when do I give the offering how long does the big red candle I bought has to burn ? I been praying for a few days I seen a marked improvement?  So when do  I give the offering? Or am I making this to complicated?  What do I do with, the offering afterwards?


Shoulders improving do i wait still?

Whenever you feel is right... if you want thank him for the noticeable improvement and ask for his continued support until your shoulder is completely healed.

I just thanked the Saint for all the lovely money we're winning tonight!


It's going to be so nice not having to drive to work tomorrow, thanks again St. Expedite!!!

LOL,but ENJOY!!!!!!

Well I giave part of the offering should i make another prayer for my other health issue?  DoI  bury the offering? or can I juswt through it out?

I absolutely agree with you, which you might already know if you've read some of my comments here. I was actually very surprised to see how inconsiderate some people's tones are. As Pagans, one of the most fundamental aspects of our morals includes respecting other people's choices to believe and practice what they do. If one doesn't believe or has questions about an entity and can express that respectfully, that doesn't bother me in the slightest but surely there are more polite and intelligent ways of asking than what has been shown on this thread. And yes, it certainly is revealing of a person's true nature. 

AND in retrospect,I for one,owned up,apologized and moved forward and explained WHY......In my realm,when people DO apologize ,move forward,learn and come tto the gripes,EVERYONE talks out of their ass at times, but has enough gumption to admit it,recognize it anhd get past it,THAT,is what defines peoples worth,accept my apolgy for offending anyone on here or not,that,too is a choice. If it isnt or chosen NOT to be acepted,that is ,indeed,anyones right and/or choice.

I actually wasn't referring to you... I was personally referring to the rabbit guy joking about lottery tickets all the time. 

I was referring to myself,however and I DID make fun of the topic......I did owe an apology

I know you did, and I know that I've commented to you about it before. I was just clarifying part of where this was aimed at from my end. I didn't really want to point fingers so I tried to keep my comment more general. 


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