I was at a bar last night, when an older(63) drunk woman meandered to my table. She first made conversation with my husband and his friend about the band that was playing (my husband sometimes plays guitar with them). I wasn't paying much attention, because frankly my food was more interesting than anything she had to say. But, finally after my husband and his friend walked off, I was forced to make eye contact. I mean I thought I would just smile and play nice...I normally don't like many people. Strange thing was, I felt compelled to talk to her...she seemed familiar to me.

TO THE POINT...After talking with her for several minutes and being convinced she was either extremely drunk or completely crazy (or both). She reached up by her ear and held her fingers together there for a moment, like she was grasping at something intangible. She says, "Someone told me long ago that I have something. They told me they couldn't tell me anything I don't know." I nodded and she grabbed my hand, "You are going to get pregnant really soon, quick. I see two beautiful children, but you will have a miscarriage between the two. It will all work out for you, angel, just be careful. You will do well to remember this."  She held her hand over her heart like it was breaking for me, grinned, and continued to spew nonsense. That little prediction was the most coherent she had been the whole time. 

I honestly don't know how much to believe. She didn't know anything about me, not even that I was married. But, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for awhile now. So, she may not be that far off. Thoughts and opinions on this type of thing? Rantings of a crazy drunk lady or genuine psychic intuition?  

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its not out of the question.. espcly if u were that close to someone for a second where they could read u.. probly just drunk.. but i mean i can tell when people have kids even when there not around.. so who knows..

Huh.  Probably only time will tell.  I hope you're still here several years from now to let us know if her prediction came true.

I hope so too! It is a very strange concept for me, but I feel inclined to believe her for some reason. 

She could have gotten a little of the information from your husband ..you werent listening to them after all.And she could have been just a drunk kook.But you never know.I've seen stranger things lots of times.Just make sure you see you obgyn often when you are pregnant.

Well, I said I wasn't paying much attention, not that I wasn't listening. lol They were only talking about music. I do plan on seeing the doctor regularly though. 

I think you should base your entire life around encounters like this.

It'll be fun!

haha If I based my life around things people told me in bars, it would be an absolute ridiculous mess. XD 

I've thought about writing a book called " dysfunctional guidance, voices from the pub."

I'd read it.

Don't tempt fate, with that sort of encouragement I may just start today!

As would I.

I wouldn't think to dismiss it or dwell upon it, but I would definitely remember it. 

It's hard to say, a small amount of people can do that, other people are just drunk.

In my opinion it depends on how right she wants to be as well, as personal desires influencing intuition is often the leading culprit towards inaccurate predictions. As removed from a situation as possible provides the best possibility.

So naturally a maybe is in order, (and good to see you're still alive for the record lass :P)


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