I was at a bar last night, when an older(63) drunk woman meandered to my table. She first made conversation with my husband and his friend about the band that was playing (my husband sometimes plays guitar with them). I wasn't paying much attention, because frankly my food was more interesting than anything she had to say. But, finally after my husband and his friend walked off, I was forced to make eye contact. I mean I thought I would just smile and play nice...I normally don't like many people. Strange thing was, I felt compelled to talk to her...she seemed familiar to me.

TO THE POINT...After talking with her for several minutes and being convinced she was either extremely drunk or completely crazy (or both). She reached up by her ear and held her fingers together there for a moment, like she was grasping at something intangible. She says, "Someone told me long ago that I have something. They told me they couldn't tell me anything I don't know." I nodded and she grabbed my hand, "You are going to get pregnant really soon, quick. I see two beautiful children, but you will have a miscarriage between the two. It will all work out for you, angel, just be careful. You will do well to remember this."  She held her hand over her heart like it was breaking for me, grinned, and continued to spew nonsense. That little prediction was the most coherent she had been the whole time. 

I honestly don't know how much to believe. She didn't know anything about me, not even that I was married. But, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for awhile now. So, she may not be that far off. Thoughts and opinions on this type of thing? Rantings of a crazy drunk lady or genuine psychic intuition?  

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haha maybe so. I am extremely impatient for the most part, so when things don't happen the way I want them to in the time allotted, I tend to think they never will. Its a problem that is just naturally part of my disposition. I am really hoping to overcome that, because I know it would help immensely in this case.

Most def. Relax. All things happen in their natural occurrence in time. If that doesn't work, there's always a fertility doctor and artificial means. You could also adopt.

haha thank you! 

Not impossible that she received a message for you. Too bad she didnt say a timeframe...(really soon in the spirit realm, and in this realm do not always line up...it could still be a year or two...)

I usually take the messages and put them in the back of my mind, and wait and see... 

Have you tried any other forms of divination about it?

I have not, mostly because I'm not sure where to start.

*Cough* *Cough* *Bullshit* *Cough*

Uh oh.... I think he had a bit too much of a dose of 'reality'.... hes choking on it this time lol ;p

Stuff like this is easier to swallow, by putting it off and waiting for the situation to digest itself a bit..... you never know, she may have been crazy, but she may have been right.... (wether by coinsidence, or syncronisity, or something else) Only time will tell...

"You'll do well to remember this" - Why? Why wouldn't you anyway? And what use is it to you? "Just be careful" - careful of what? When? How? IMO, its babblings from a drunken lady that just happened to touch on a subject already on your mind. And she seemed familiar to you? How does make what she said more believable? Maybe you'd seen her in the bar before, or met her when she was sober in a different context. 

You're trying for a baby and she happens to say you'll get pregnant. That doesn't mean she knew you were trying, just that you're young (so still at the age to get pregnant) and in a bar at night (which suggests no childcare commitments) with two men (which suggests a relationship with maybe one of them). But great - its reassuring and what you'd like to hear.

But the next pregnancy will end in a miscarriage? So what you going to do? Find you're pregnant again but decide not to see the doctor, or nurture the fetus, or worry about your health? After all, you've been told it'll miscarry, so its dead already. Its putting negative thoughts in your head, and not helpful.

If you can't ignore what she said, best frequent a few more bars and see what other random drunk people say to you. Then judge whether what's being said is worth holding on to. 

All the best with your family plans though. If a child is what you both want, then I wish you every happiness and fulfillment of your dreams.

Good question, and I agree that it could go either way. She may have just been throwing stuff out there in her drunken state, but at the same time... I would probably be cautious just the same. Especially if you two do manage to conceive. Then again, you should generally be careful while pregnant, so that's nothing new. If you feel her words held some truth to them, that means you can also trust that things will work out and you'll be okay.

My husband and I had been trying back in 2008 to get pregnant, and after about 2 years, I went to see my doctor. She said I was healthy and that we shouldn't have any issues conceiving based on my health after her assessment. After hearing this great news, it did put me in better spirits. Around that time I had started volunteering at a holistic healing center close to my house, where I helped clean up the place early each morning, and they would give me free yoga classes in return. I met this nice older Korean woman who was also volunteering, and before I even mentioned that I was planning on starting a family, she told me I would have a baby soon. She said my energy was open for it and I had cleaned out the negative clutter in my life and was on a healthier path. She had no idea that I recently suffered from a bad stomach parasite and just had it eradicated. What she said resonated with me, I wanted to believe it, but was unsure.

Well, after about a month of doing yoga there, I found out I was pregnant! I had a healthy and happy pregnancy, and delivered my son on June 13th, 2011. I told the woman I was pregnant after finding out, and she just smiled and said "you were when I met you". 

I always found it strange that she somehow knew even when I didn't. A complete stranger.

So I wouldn't throw out what this woman said to you, but I would also take it with a grain of salt. As weird as it was, there could be some truth in it. Only time will tell. 

I wish you nothing but the best and hope that you and your husband will have wonderful children soon. Keep believing that you will conceive, never give up. 

Wonderful story and thank you very much for the words of encouragement. :) 

No problem :) 


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