I don't get them all the time, but I have had quite a few waking dreams where your mind wakes up but your body can't move and you 'hallucinate'.  Every time I've had one I've seen, heard or felt something evil.  They don't scare me anymore and I can normally wake myself up or think/say something in my mind to stop the experience.  Had another one this morning so decided to do some internet research.  There are scientific explanations that try to explain it as a sleep disorder or a product of anxiety.  However a lot of the websites that I looked at all had stories from people with a similar theme of seeing/hearing/feeling something evil.  Does anyone else get these and what do you think about them?

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Demons aren't all in your head? ;-)
I get them when I'm really stressed out. I hate them. I can usually control what happens in my dreams. But not these types of dreams. They terrify me.
They can be absolutely terrifying, had one a couple of years ago where I could feel that someone was zipping me into a bodybag and I could hear the zip slowly closing up but couldn't move to stop the person from doing it. I've found if you panic or worry the experience is a lot worse. It's best to just tell yourself that it's another one of those damn waking dreams and concentrate on stopping the experience or calmly trying to start moving. When I've had them it's normally when I've been sleeping in the daytime on my own, so try not to do this anymore!
I scream and thrash from side to side trying to wake myself...I even slap and hit myself. The problem is that all the while I'm doing this in my sleep to wake my self, in actuality I never move or make a sound. And they never scare me until I realize that I'm not awake I'm dreaming. That usually happens when I notice something not quite right. Like a piece of furniture is in the wrong place or I see a word I can't read. (for some odd reason I can't read in my dreams)
I can read in my dreams. I'm awesome like that.
I can do both, regularly. I have also died in dreams, yet here I am, not dead IRL.
Basically there are three not two defense mechanisms programed into our primal brains, they are Flight, Fight or Freeze, this came into being because our ancestors developed these instincts to be able to deal with different types of predators some could be fought off, some had to be run from and some if you lay real still and played dead they did not register you. replace the notion of evil with dangerous, remember instincts do not moralize, that's a higher brain function the instinctual part only registers hostile or non hostile. you may be dealing with stress and or anxiety issues. Hope this helps a bit.
What I do when these dreams get unbearable is fasting, and then no eating after 1700, cut down coffee and I do have a herbal mix tea, 2litres max. per day, + lots of water. I do a lot with magnolia and orchid scents as well for sleep, and I have a UV lamp I use "in bed" for around 20 minutes (face+shoulders). All this has helped a lot, and I used to have horrific nightmares.
But I think the most effective of all I do is fasting.
Magnesium shortage?
My body building ex partner lashed out at me during the night, with hand and feet, when he did a too tough workout and did not care enough for his mineral needs, also he didthis horrible gnashing of teeth and had the "dream" you described.
It is not nice being kicked by a horse in the middle of the night. =(
That's really interesting thank you for sharing. Will try to focus on breathing if it happens again, not had one since though. I hope it's not a message coming through, cos judging by the stuff that happens when I have them something is trying to kill me!! Argghhh!
I've had them since I was 13, I'm 26 now. I had one , one time where I woke up being held up buy some enitiy, couldnt see it's face.. was very scary.. I wrote about in the Sleep Paralysis group. heres a link

href="http://http://www.paganspace.net/group/sleepparalysisincubussuccubusandvis..." target="_blank">

and another time I had one, seen a black mass at the end of the bed and felt a hand press down on my side. I thought it was prolly due to having depression and anxiety, started to take medication a few years ago for and never had an experience since... kinda wish I still had them lol
I've heard buzzing during them too, never had the pressure on my chest but I think it's quite common. Have heard people say it's meant to be an old hag that sits on you!! Yikes that sounds terrifying Nocturnal kitten. The time I had the bodybag one I was stuck at home after dislocating my kneecap (ouch!!) so I did wonder if it was my subconcious illustrating how stuck I felt. But they always seem so real and there seems to be common themes in them which seems strange because people are so different. However I guess there's common anxiety dreams that most people get from time to time that have common themes like the realising your naked in public one, teeth falling out/crumbling (used to get that one all the time!) or wanting/needing to scream and no sound coming out.

Didn't realise there was a sleep paralysis group, will take a look!


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