I don't get them all the time, but I have had quite a few waking dreams where your mind wakes up but your body can't move and you 'hallucinate'.  Every time I've had one I've seen, heard or felt something evil.  They don't scare me anymore and I can normally wake myself up or think/say something in my mind to stop the experience.  Had another one this morning so decided to do some internet research.  There are scientific explanations that try to explain it as a sleep disorder or a product of anxiety.  However a lot of the websites that I looked at all had stories from people with a similar theme of seeing/hearing/feeling something evil.  Does anyone else get these and what do you think about them?

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ya I would hear the buzzing too just before it starts, or my teeth chatter too sometimes. I felt a strong pressure on my nose before and thought it was gonna brake!!
I also have dreams where my teeth fall out or fall out in pieces :S
My dream dictionary says the teeth one is meant to forecast a season of financial reverses...I'm still waiting though!
i read where is says something about false friends :S
Judging from my other post today maybe that's true!
I heard teeth falling out/crumbling refers to anxiety of losing control. Unless you have a history with bad dentists, of course.
I've only had this happen to me one time, but I did a bit of research on the topic back in high school (when dreams and sleep were something of a hobby) and saw that it was pretty common for someone waking up in such a state to feel an evil/dark presence and fear. Given what Dravenheart said it finally makes since why this is the case.

Based on my one and only experience this was also true. I was in elementary school at the time, granted, but I felt as though something were coming. As though it would burst out of my closet or through my bedroom door at any moment. Though a large bit of my fear/anxiety was also due to not being able to move and having never had anything like that happen before.

From what I can remember of my research a fairly common theme was a figure shrouded in black. I recall one girl saying that she saw the figure dressed in a black robe, complete with a hood to hide its face, and that it slowly started coming towards her, with one hand stretched out as if to grab her.

So I guess at least you're not alone in this, though the question still remains as to whether their strictly from the brain freaking out or if there's some message or other source feeding into it as well.

On the more recent topic: I'm not much of one for dream dictionaries. I tend to think that each symbol/event/image/etc. has its own significance for each person. But I suppose they can be a good way to get you thinking from different perspectives. Still, I would tend to go with my instincts and first impressions over a definition or explanation I found in a book, so I'd suggest making a note of those before you pick up the dictionary.
Sounds to me you have discovered your mind's eye...instead of fearing them, try learning to recognize the state you are in, then manipulating the experience into a direction would rather go. With each time you do this you will find the experience more fulfilling and more intriguing. All psychic visions are experienced in the mind's eye. Good luck and have fun with it. Father Ron


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