Is this faith, mental illness, fraud, stupidity, or gullibility? 

I personally have never seen anything like this. Sure I've seen people fall down because God 'touched' them but I've never seen a mass 'exorcism' before. 




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I ROFL'd when they started puking LOL!!!!!

if this is real i must be legion.


for his followers I hope it is fake.


I wonder how these people do long term...years from now? It seems like spiritual bulimia to me if this is an ongoing ritual. It might be like "confession" or cleansing, but a LOT of that is psychological and all this vomiting can cause health problems. That kid is just too young for this - it's brainwashing and creepy.


I think the pastor has some interesting ideas about demons, and how they can possess you, if you believe in all that - but it's just taken waaaay too far to say everyone has them from breathing, or can release them by vomiting..What year is this?! lol

I released a lot of spirits by vomiting when I was a teenager, especially Southern Comfort...

Southern Comfort?

I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the term.


Southern comfort ain't bad!
argl I can not imagine this to be good, I did not know it existed in that form. It is a favourite at mine when mixed in the bar =/
*laughs* ...that's a good one!  I loved the play on the word 'spirits'.
hahah, very punny
I watched this episode last night and tried to find it but couldn't.It was something else..

The only other explanation I have for this is mass hypnosis. Look up Benny Hinn for example. Some of what he said about demons is true, but most of it is not. Alcohol by itself does not attract demons. Nothing dissolves shields like alcohol does, and by that knowledge, you could suggest that it would make it much easier for demons to mess with somebody, if that person is a regular drinker, aside from the likelihood that a regular drinker may be very depressed most of the time anyhow, and would attract demons by projecting those negative emotions by themselves. Tattoos do not attract demons, not unless you have a demon's sigil tattooed on your skin and you are trying deliberately to do this.

Some people get tattoos as protection against such a thing, and I'm sure they often work. Also, common muscle spasms have nothing to do with demons. Sometimes muscles just get restless and they spasm. I'm surprised that he didn't claim that homosexuality is caused by demons. Needless to say, Harry Potter doesn't attract demons either.

Certain religious Christian groups have a long history of doing things like this, and blaming everything that is wrong with somebody on demons, rather than encouraging somebody to take responsibility for their own actions. I have personally performed or assisted in a significant amount of exorcism and possession work, and I must say that this guy is confusing a demon (with its own consciousness) to everyday aches and pains that in some cases may be caused by blockages in the body's energy systems, or a minor buildup of negative energy. But more likely they are minor aches and pains of everyday life.


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