So a demon or dark entity is attached to me, help?

Ok well my friends and I named him Mike because we don't know his name and he liked it. He talks to me in my head and suppresses my energy or feeds off it from time to time. I've had him for as long as I can remember and my shaman friend confirmed he is in fact there so I know I'm not crazy but my shaman friend and I don't talk to each other like we use to. I'm just looking for some help so he doesn't work his way into my daughter's life when she's born. So anybody know a way to make him leave? Thanks

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You could cleanse your house and banish him but depends on what is attached to you could get nasty, i  recently had an female nasty spirit/shadow attached and secsefully removed her by my self protected myself and my threshold, if you like the spell i used inbox me 

Why not evoke him, and have a nice conversation before just deciding to send him away?

I would think the Kaballistic Cross would be of some help in this matter.  It is easier to do than the LBRP and it is a part of the preparation for the LBRP.  I think of it now every time I see Catholics cross themselves.

I'm a paranormal investigator and I want to help you if I can... If you live within a 7 hour drive from Louisville, KY, then I can travel to help you. What city do live in?

If such a demon were of friendly intent I think he would make it known to you if he has not done that you could ask the question and see what happens.

I'd do the LBRP... Protect your daughter.

Passive aggressive in spells and curses now?   Phew!

I think the OP is unsure of the demon and his intent, would it not be a very good idea to be sure before condemning?

Yes but they can sit down and ask it to leave can't they?  Or they can discuss it and set the parameters, yes?   Do they need to be violently aggressive to something that may not realise it is either unwelcome or frightening?   

It seems an otherworldly being and may be unaware of its welcome or otherwise.

It may be that the demon has no idea he is being a problem if he's not told how does he know, but sure there are always some who prefer to shoot first.

Good advice from miss alliance. The gesture needs to have a solid emotional grounding to it, especially if this is something that has been with you for a while. Have you considered that you may have accidentally constructed a runaway servitor which just needs to be recalled?

In Toledo Ohio there used to be a Witch named Lady Circe.  She had a prestigious coven.  She had a very rigid program for achieving the first degree in Circean Wicca, one of the tasks involved the ability to create an energy field and trap one of these entities in it and use it's power to empower spells.  

Lady Circe died and the coven has since declined greatly.  I know several former members, they have yet to teach me how to do it.  Some of the former Circeans have wanted to come into our coven and set us right and get us on the right track but they don't show up to do anything.  

One of the interesting things about Lady Circe is; the Toledo Police and Lucas County Sheriffs department made her life hell for a while.  A Nun was murdered cult style at a local hospital in the chapel.  The Nun was made to look like Witches had done it.  So, lady Circe's coven was the prime suspect.  It wasn't until after Lady Circe died that they determined a priest did it and set it up to look like Witches.  The murder was done to cover up a cult of Priest who were raping boys and girls in some ritual fashion at a farm house on the outskirts of the county.  Father Robinson is in prison for the rest of his life for it.  This would make a great movie.     

caqn you get me the links to the Toledo police and  crazy  murders.  Wow. Sounds like my  dude  who chills in my closet?  Why I do not  know?  I like the lesser banshings I been doing these youtube  frequencies I love them.


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