So what are the reactions from my Pagan brethren now that gay marriage is  recognized federally? Personally, well I am not that old but even in my time I didn't think that it would come. I remember being a gay teen at pride day think "well maybe we can get civil unions or something." I thought we were years away from this. Even if I never find someone to marry it still feels good now that gay relationships are now equally valid under the law. Does anyone have any thoughts that they want to share?

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I am absolutely thrilled with it. As a bisexual female I literally cried. But like you I thought this day would never come. I am so happy it did though. Me personally I think they should have no say in even polyamory and polygamy relationships, but that will still be a battle for awhile. And when I say polygamy I do not mean underage girls, or that the woman is forced or coerced into it. It should be a mutual agreement between all parties.

Honestly, this seemed so random! I also assumed that we were many many years away from even considering legalization everywhere. I'm still having trouble believing it because I didn't even know it was up for discussion lol this was so left field. At first I didn't think I would care but now that it's a reality, I'm so thrilled! I don't know whether or not I will marry a man or woman let alone get married but it's nice to know I have the option! I still find this to be strange and no one is really even talking about it...idk

Hey girl where have you been? Yeah I knew it was up for discussion but I didn't know exactly when. I was pretty surprised too.  Honestly I expected it to be kicked down the road so to speak.

I am very happy.  I knew there could possibly be a decision last Friday, but I didn't have high hopes given how negative the Fundamentalist Christian Politicians could be.  Now we need to concentrate on discrimination laws.  

Aww come on folks



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