If you have read a few of my other posts you might know that i work with a 'born again' Christian named Nancy. And oh my we do love asking each other all sorts of questions, both in the attempt of starting a debate. Because i LOVE debates and she loves to think she will one day convert me with one.

So she is very aware of my stance on abortion. And in doing so she made a very broad assumption that all Pagans (she classes all pagans as Wiccan's, which well i admit, i just don't try to explain) are for abortion, we are all animal loving tree huggers, and we all have eyes that hold no emotion because Satan has a tight grip on our souls.

This little statement actually got me thinking (usually i ignore or laugh at most she says)

What do many Pagans agree with when it comes to Abortion.

What about stem cell research?



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I am pro-choice and support stem cell research...guess I'm just a satan worshipping baby killer *giggles*.
I'm 100% with Seraphyna on this topic.
I guess then I am too

Yeah me too.

Man, if that's all that needs to be done to convert you pagans to Satan, should have thought of it sooner, lol

Reading the bible backwards, WHAT? REALLY? WHO CARES?

Now killing babies! Where do I sign up?



Well i believe in pro-choice too, up to a point. If you keep on doing it (abortions) then you should think of having tubectomy. They think that we all are baby killers anyway. (J/K)


Well I can say that personally I would never have an abortion because personally I think it is wrong. I see it as I made the mistake in not being careful there for I should take the responsibility. Thats the way I see it as if I were to get pregnant. However, I feel that it's in the best interest of the person at hand. If you feel that you should have one than that's your choice, I will give you advice in alternative options, but I won't judge you in your decision. I guess Satan's grip isn't as tight on me as others. lol =D
This is how I feel too. I could never have an abortion. I guess with me though, I also have a really great family and I know they would support me, but I know not everyone has that.
mmm, I'd rather keep my killing of inconvenient people to those who have willingly & with full knowledge chosen to become such.


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