I'm curious, do those of you living in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year in the same way those of us in the Northern do or are the celebrations reversed the way the seasons are?  Is our Samhain your Beltane; our Ostara your Mabon, and so on?

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That is what I was wondering, it didn't make sense for seasonal observances to be the same if the season are themselves reversed.
Yes, it is quite absurd to celebrate Easter at the onset of Autumn. AFAIK, ie from my circle of friends and events, they don't either. But there is also a high tolerance of, and participation in the christian festivals (which are observed at the wrong time): it is difficult to attend family gathering this weekend and not participate in "Easter". We do not try to teach them that the entire concept of Easter, fertility, eggs and bunnies are pagan.
Australia's gorgeous, I want to visit, but I don't think I could live there. My birthday needs to be in Autumn!
I agree, it's on my list of "To visits" also, along with New Zealand but readjusting to a total reversal of seasons would take some effort.
I did not find it a problem when I came here.

It is much warmer than America. In Sydney very few trees shed their leaves and there is no snow (we have to drive to the "snowfields" for that), so there is little notice of the seasons, and the change is not severe. In the South (closer to the Pole), it is a bit more severe. In the North (the tropics), they have two seasons, as tropical countries do, not four. The Wet, when the big rains come, and you get flooded in, and everything breeds; and the Dry, when everything migrates.
You're obviously a flexible kind of guy! It would take some getting used to for Yule to be in what I have always considered a "summer month." But no doubt it would come in time as most things do. Thanks.
when i used to celebrate it i did it backwards, it makes no sense otherwise! its like celebrating 'easter' at this time of the year, feels wrong. like how i explain to my daughter why people celebrate spring at the start of the winter months...gah!

yes Australia is an amazing place to live, i love it here, def add it to your list of places to visit! and if you come to Melbourne, let me know!! lol
Thank you Kitty!! The more I hear the nicer Australia sounds. Someday!
Thanks Bow, I appreciate your learned input. I'm also pleased that the celebrations connected to the seasons continue to make sense, regardless of where one lives.
I'm heading off to the UK next Friday and during that time I will be celebrating Belteine with friends. Each time I go I have to re-adjust to the quarters as the the element for Fire in the southern hemisphere is North and South in the northern. Earth is South in the southern hemisphere and North in the northern. We cast circle widdershins (sunwise) and in the northern hemisphere deosil. Takes a little thinking about when doing rituals/circles.


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