I find it hard to believe that no one has asked this question before. How do we report users for spam messages/comments? This site's "Help Center" in no help at all.

I figure I'll get busted if I post the person's profile info here. So I'd appreciate someone getting back to me on how to report this user. A previous user who messaged me with some scam spam seems to be gone as their comment is missing. I'd like this other scammer to likewise disappear. 

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This site was supposed to be moving from its original platform (Ning 2) to a new one on Ning 3. The new site has an uninspiring green background, the original now has a ghastly grey one. This original site (grey) is supposed to be closing forever, but I don't know exactly when.

I think that is where your problem lies. It seems that "admin" is now a man named "Business" who prefers to spend his time on the new green site and ignore this one. That would explain why the help centre here is useless.

You could try looking for Business's page here and posting your problem on his page. (Take screenshots just in case you need them later)


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