I was thinking about spells to gain revenge over a non-pagan whose causing damage to my life. I know all about Karmic Law, how ever I have a friend who say's all things are possible if you know how to work around it. Now if you agree with that, then I'd like to hear your spell idea, if not, then why?

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I think it would depend on the severity of the damage being caused... I don't like to give people more power over me in negative situations than I have to; as a result I always try to remove ties from those people. I know that sometimes that isn't a reality or happen the way that we always want it to -- The idea of revenge to me really translates to me thinking about a person that doesn't warrant me wasting my thoughts on them; which turns into power over me. Always protect yourself, but it is important to be mindful of the role to which you find yourself playing in any situation.

Honestly I'm all about giving that son of a bitch a taste of his own shit (i'm just using he/his as a general term as it was not specified if its a male or female) I would give it some thought, if you are worried about backlash then i would seriously consider why you feel this way, what do you think could/would happen to you for retaliating against someone that is causing chaos in your life.


If for whatever reason you can not get away from this person or even if you have and they are still causing damage to you. You Hellansohn have every right to retaliate against that.

If you use a spell, I say use the Tower Card Hex (Tarot Card) spell To create chaos and mayhem for your target. write his or her name in Black Ink (Permanent Black marker is great for this) across a copy (when copying blow up the size a bit, which does make it easier to write their name and any taglocks like personal info if any to associate them specifically even more)  of the Tower Card  and burn it and scatter the ashes or dispose of it how you wish - away from your home.  I've gotten this out of Dorothy Morrison's Utterly Wicked Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions. and i've tweeked it abit like i've done here in the ()'s. Always have good focus and visualization which help and make sure you got some good old pissed off vibes goin on while doing so..

I've also Used this myself. But I can't completely say for sure any or all of the shitty things that has happen to said target(s) and is happening is a direct result of this but i'd like to think i'd had something to do with it on some level. They are not longer in my direct life anymore but still have connections to people that are in direct contact or still accquaintanced to them somehow on a daily basis.  as to why i know some shitty stuff is happening to said target(s).





After doing said spell, i've left it at that, didn't look back and haven't given it a second thought. I don't actively ask about said target(s) or really at all, i just so happen get any info of their "misfortune" handed to me voluntarily without prompting one to do so.


By the way this was a long while a go, and i have yet to personally see or been able to assoicate ANY Karmic backlash or anything of said 3Fold Law to bite me in the ass.

 I would like to thank you all for your in-put to my question. I've read alot of very thoughtful and spirited ideas for both the pros and cons of the concept of a revenge spell. Now to be perfectly clear, I'm a straight Male of the Heathen faith. For the other Heathens out there, they know that we haven't any belief in the Karmic or three fold laws. We do how ever believe in the complicated layerings of Orlog, and honor. Also of the warrior culture. In what ever arena we find our fight in, whether it be physical, mental, magical, leagle, spiritual, culturel, or any combination of the above, we must first examine how our actions are going to effect our lives, whether it be now or in the future, and what we need to gain the most positive out come. Like many of you who have contributed to this discussion, I too also feel that every thing in Nature has both positive as well as negitive properies with in them. Even the Goddess and Gods themselve exibate the same thing. Yet in the Eddas I have read how they calculate their every move, which is what I plan to do as well.

 Now having said all that; the problem I am currantly having is of a nithling who continues to use the leagle system to extorte money from me, to a point of where I'm nearing bankruptcy. Now I am open to all suggestion. Once again thank you for you in put.


I'm a straight Male of the Heathen faith. For the other Heathens out there, they know that we haven't any belief in the Karmic or three fold laws.


If this is true, then why put it in your OP? I would say that instead of a spell, try not giving him reason to sue you...for some reason the legal system is agreeing with him....

What Heathenry does have is falling flat on the face, in an unelegant way, eventually, if going for a revenge that isn't justified, or not being properly equipped.

Justice likewise is a matter of perspective, if you are wronged, there is no deity, or boogey-man aka karma sticking up for you, you have to do all this for yourself mainly. Which somehow makes these things way more fun.

 The reason why I mentioned those to laws at all is because those who do follow those laws often times have a more creative way of doing the same thing. Which I find facinating. Some of thier ideas are well thought out and may very well cover things I had not thought about.

Sorry I accidently replied to the entry after yours.

Um..what does you being a straight male have to do with anything?

It's only in discribing who I am personaly and for no other reason.

And why would we need to know that?

Because honestly, it comes off as you saying those who AREN'T straight males aren't capable of/don't practice what you describe.

 First of all you sound to me as if you just want to start a fight with someone on-line because you lack the intestinal fortitude to do so in person. I told you the statemant was only to discribe who I was and not a attitude about anyone else! Further more I'm not going to walk on eggshells about what I say or what I do. I don't care who it offends in the least! So if you don't like this attitude then leave this discussion. No one here will miss you in the least and you can stop taking time  out from your little D&D game you're playing in your Mother's basement and let the adults have the discussion! You don't like it when others make personal attacks against you yet you pull this with me. I'm not bigoted against anybody! So either stick with the discussion matter or leave. This is not a question about politics or persons sexual preference, this is about revenge spells!


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