Hope this is ok to share:


Pagan Books by Miles Batty for Sale
Support SpiralScouts and purchase a wonderful book or two for your family.
If you order by February 7th, your books will be signed by the author! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Mystical Blessings,

Vicki Green (LunaWolf)
CEO/President SpiralScouts International

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Thank you for the link. I totally forgot about Spiral Scouts. I'm hoping my hubby gets the new job, gets it off the ground and has more time at home so we can start the Spiral Scouts up in our community. I wish I had the money for the green man book right now, it looks awesome, but I don't. Hopefully I will have enough on payday to pick it up.
We will be having new books coming up and will still keep these available if you were not able to get.

Check with groups & metaphysical new age stores in your local Pagan community, often they will sponsor a scout or an entire circle or hearth, this would help you get started. And hey, if you want email me, there may already be a circle in your area. You can email me at:


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