I have been having a bit of trouble lately. You see, I'm fairly certain spirits and what have you can and will interact with a sleeping person via dreams. I've been on the receiving end of this for some time now but occasionally I'll get a visitor who's less than friendly. These...episodes have been on the rise in frequency and, while normally it's fairly obvious and I can realize what's happening in time to take care of things and go about my sleeping, it is becoming a bother and I'm losing sleep. Never mind the worry that the more malicious entities may be getting more clever in there stupid little games. I have no idea how to stop this. If there's not a way to completely stop it, then I'd settle for some kind of defense.

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I don't fear them, exactly. But they assault me in the dream and I just tell them to cut it out. Most of the time that works. But there was one recently that didn't want to listen and sometimes I'll wake up with a few bruises. Don't know if that's directly related to this but might as well mention it, just in case.

Ah, alrighty then! Thank you very much! :)

They get piss off cause it works. Its something that has been use for many years. Get a dreamcatcher .light a red or black candle.

I haven't had any good or bad experiences with smudging (other than the fact that I am mildly allergic to sage). I do have a dream catcher though. It usually works but I guess some of them slip through? It can't work 100% of the time right? I have tried the candle trick though. Let em see if I can piece together a ritual to ward my house. Maybe this will help.

Perhaps it depends on what one had faith in? If there is no faith or energy put behind smudging or any other practice, it probably won't do what is needed. Different people subconsciously believe in different things and methods which is why something that works wonderfully for some doesn't do diddly for others. Individuals also have their own talents as well so one person may be able to charge a stone well enough that it provides what is needed, whereas someone else may be very good with rituals and that may serve the purpose. It's also about understanding as well. Someone that doesn't understand fully the method that they're using may not get the same results as someone more experienced with the same method. It's all about finding what works for you. I personally agree that the methods mentioned are great suggestions. The biggest thing to keep in mind as Rose has said is to not be afraid. You are in control and they will stop bothering you or suffer the consequences.

I always find asking Sri Hanuman for help does a lot of good. Look up "Hanuman Chalisa." You don't have to recite it all (it's long) you can just listen to it on youtube, or ask him for help. Hanuman is called on in Hinduism, especially Vaishnavism (The Ramanandi Sect that worships Rama and Sita) to keep evil spirits away. He's quite good at it. 

Interesting. I'll be sure to look this up!

This is a new one for me. What exactly is in mothballs that is protective? They're an unnatural poison. How do mothballs rid spirits?

I am by no means an expert, but I have had experiences with some... unpleasant entities in dreams. Telling them you don't want them around, or firmly telling them to get out of your dreams/house/head works well if they are polite or easily frightened. Although in some cases they will just move on to an easier target -in my case the person sleeping in the bunk above me.

Otherwise something as simple as a quick meditation and/or visualizing a circle of protection around yourself before you sleep works wonders for spirits as well as nightmares.

If it gets really bad you should find somebody who knows their stuff though; this is just what works for me.

PS: The last time I met an entity in a dream, they had used my dream catcher to get there in the first place. It was a newly bought one, so I just took it down. But wow, it was strange.

oh my, it actually used the dream catcher??? I've never heard of that. maybe try cleansing it with ritual or sage?? but yes these techniques are very effective. I've only ever thought to use them when workings with astral related meditations and such. :O I might be able to make this work to where I can still receive the friendly spirits too. :D

I have an entity here in my home and it never gets into my dreams.  It will manifest something on the physical plane.  Most recently it showed me that it knows how to text on my cell phone.  But I never see it in my dreams; when I do see it, I am fully awake and it is a very dark irregular orb like thing that floats in front of me and then disappears behind something.  It is not malevolent, just a little mischievous at times. 

I suggest that what you are seeing is something from a past life and your brain taking something from a past life and trying to interpret it.  For example, when you see, you are getting two different images from your eyes and what you actually see is your brain's interpretation of the two images.

That's actually kind of cute... o.o

My house sits directly on a crossroad so paranormal/supernatural things are a common occurrence and they just love to mess with me (probably because I actually pay attention to them most of the time). It's just the more...invasive ones that get into my dreams and cause me problems. I've gotten a nice entity in my dreams just recently and this really almost never happens. I believe, as a result I haven't been having any dreams at all since then. 

Or I could just be really tiered. New job is pretty physically demanding. :P


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