I have been having a bit of trouble lately. You see, I'm fairly certain spirits and what have you can and will interact with a sleeping person via dreams. I've been on the receiving end of this for some time now but occasionally I'll get a visitor who's less than friendly. These...episodes have been on the rise in frequency and, while normally it's fairly obvious and I can realize what's happening in time to take care of things and go about my sleeping, it is becoming a bother and I'm losing sleep. Never mind the worry that the more malicious entities may be getting more clever in there stupid little games. I have no idea how to stop this. If there's not a way to completely stop it, then I'd settle for some kind of defense.

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I had and still do, an "friend" in my house, about a month ago "he" started to hand out in my bed room, my cats would not come in, which they always did.... one night "he" was shaking me trying  wake me, I yelled at "him" told him to knock it the hell off, and get outta my room, it was off limits .....


"He" hasn't bothered me since in my room, or in my sleep, but..... during a mediation in my living room, "He" told me why "he" wanted to wake me," he' was worried id hurt my self, I had been sleep walking and didn't know it.

maybe just maybe this "spirit" or what ever is trying to warn you of something, and it just doesn't know how....



it's not just one particular spirit. I have different visitors most of the time. One appeared in two or three separate dreams and I was tolerant until he got too confident and I think I chased him off??? Dream me did some sort of ritual and he disappeared. A couple of other times I've found invoking the names of gods seems to work rather well. Can't bee too vague though. I'm actually learning quite a bit about metaphysical workings, now that I think about it. You may be on to something here. ovo


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