Starrfire : How Much Per Month Do You Need To Get Rid Of The Ads In The OP ?

Is anyone really wanting to get rid of these ads like me ,

and really willing to help PaganSpace , and Starrfire , and

get back our sacred space ?

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Yeah , even $10.00 a month is a lot for me *at the moment* ,

yet I am willing to pony up...Starrfire , please give us a figure

you can live with , and profit a little...:)

So , nobody else is willing to put in a little bit per month ?


C'mon , I am living on $1,100.00 per month , my rent and mortgage

is $865.00 , let alone insurance and bills...can nobody throw in a

few dollars ?

I know all too well how difficult it is these days, my house is $1300 (New Jersey is a rip off when it comes to housing...ugh). a mo, and that doesn't include my car, insurance and all my other bills... I have days when I look at everything and want to pass out from sticker
Not liking the ads . Distracting and cumbersome in the O.P.

Starrfire posted an announcement just yesterday or today ,

about site costs going up...


Are you able to put up a few dollars a month , Yarom , for

you and Ada , to help the site ?


I am figuring this is Starrfire's methodology to balance costs...;)

So as I wrote and the Pagan Space new glitches ( probably due to the new ad's) ate .....


Pagan Space is a subsidiary of Labyrinth Publishing . They sell many nifty items and have such authors in their publishing catelouge as Raymond Buckland . You can chose to sponcer this site , or you can buy an ad . The ads are available in one month , three months, or a year packages .


You can also get free grimore pages downloads with sponsorship  or free sponsorship with the purchase of grimore page downloads ( not sure which deal is going right now).


There have also been Google ad's that have been running in the sidebars for some time now too . As well as appearing in the center of the main page .


So unless I chose to buy an ad or sponsor , not right now . Then again I don't think the ad would be approved as it would be an opinion and not a product .

The costs of the site have gone up, I really highly doubt many understand how much it costs to run and maintain a site this size (I assure you it's not just the base network fees) and that doesn't count the fact that PaganSpace has become a full-time job on top of all the costs. So, right now I have to supplement, which is what I'm doing, I'm sorry if some do not like the ads but it's the ads that help keep this site free for the members :)

Have a beautiful weekend.


i enjoy the ads sometimes... the thing i dont like is when i type up a whole paragraph hit reply and then all that it shows of my whole reply is the first letter or word and thats it, then i have to retype the whole thing again :/
Thanks Nicky :) If you're using Chrome, that seems to be a common issue. I'm not sure if you're using Chrome or not but that does happen with the Chrome browser for some reason, I did report it to the network, so they are aware of it but it may be an issue with the browser. I'm sorry you're having issues :(

it's ok star i came up with a strategy i type everything up and highlight everything and then press copy and if it fails to go through ill just paste and hit reply again lol but, im not using chrome though i use firefox, i think this started happening after i allowed this update for the firefox browser, so you're most likely correct about that it could be the browsers.

I'm sorry you have to do that :( I use Firefox and haven't had that problem ( but I do hope it gets worked out, I just sent a message to the network just in case it's related to one of their recent updates. Big hugs to you!


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