Well the other night i had a strange experience. There have been a few problems in my life at home lately and i have been stressed about them. So the other night while lying in bed i asked my familiar Kaelle to take me to a peaceful place to calm myself. I closed my eyes he did, he took me to a beautiful valley, in front of me there was a lake with a forest surrounding it, there was a slight breeze and the smell of nature was all around me (which is a nice change since i live in the city). I told him it was beautiful and he agreed. I then turned around to look up the valley behind me. A mile or so away the valley end, the huge mountain range coming to a close and a small stream was trickling down towards the lake. I then noticed a large oak tree standing on it's own in the centre of the valley floor. I walked over to it, my familiar (who appears to me in the form of a wolf) followed by my side. I asked him what this tree was and he told me it was the tree. Curiously i placed my hands and the side of my face on the tree. I then felt a surge of energy blast through my entire body, at first i was frightened of it as i wasn't able to let go, it was so intense, my familiar told me not to fear it and that he would protect me, nothing could hurt me. I slowed my breathing down and relaxed, the surge of energy continuing to  flow through my body. After a few moments my familiar told me that if i wanted to let go i just had to calmly release my hands and body from the tree. I did this and then opened my eyes. I sat up, remembering what had happened, my body still tingling from experience. After a few moments i then lay back down and relaxed, i felt peaceful and felt like i had no worry's. I fell asleep that night and woke up the next day feeling full of energy and optimism.


Can anyone please explain to me what this experience meant? I am totally confused by it and because i am only a beginner i can't figure out what the deeper meaning is.

Thank you.

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you have made excellent progress to have seen something like that, as a beginner. But I would almost interpret that as one might interpret a dream. There is a lot of different symbolism with trees, so you probably have to try to think what makes the most sense to you. Getting energy from a tree could represent your root chakra, or your inner/higher self contacting you to give you something, or it could be some hidden form of support for an impending problem you will soon face. Who's to say? Congrats on the cool vision.
Alot of stories I've read on near death experiences say that the first thing they see is a big oak tree.  I hear it so often that I call it THE Oaktree as well :) He took you to the spirit realm or higher realm that some call heaven or the other side :)
He gave you what you needed so it seems-optimism, peace energy...he recharged your batteries:-)

My impression is that it is a reminder of the natural power within all of us, but also a reminder that you have a personal connection to it.

I think this sounds like a wonderful experience and I am happy for you. In my terms, I would say it is like the Goddess is reassuring you that you are connected and cared for.

I'm glad you are feeling more optimistic, and able to face your challenges, and I'm sure that is part of what the vision intended.

Have you continued to feel this way, or had any more experiences like this? I hope so! Thanks for sharing with us, and good luck with your journey, I hope we can help.

Being a beginner is great, we should all remember how to begin and have a fresh mindset everyday, if you know you are a beginner you will get very far! Some "masters" can seem like dead-ends! Welcome, I'm glad you are here.

Thank you very much everyone who took the time to read this and reply. I have read through all your replies and really appreciate the advise you's have given me. You's have really put my mind at ease and have put a smile on my face as well. I now feel very reassured. Thank you guys, i shall write about any other experiences i may have in the future. Have a blessed day all of you!

you are welcome, I'm glad we could help and thanks for giving us a chance. And I'm smiling as well!

Please write about anything, we could use some more good discussions.

Blessings to you too!


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