Dear PS Folks,

       I'm wanting to put a hex on a VERY nasty neighbor. This person has a long history of being petty, snobby, zealous about 'the rules' of the neighborhood, anti-social, vindictive and generally just making everyone on the street outright miserable. Recently, he interfered in my life in a REALLY big way. I won't go into detail--the whole story is just too long--but believe me when I say that this man is a real arrogant PIG who needs to be taught a lesson.

       I'm chomping at the bit to go across the street and give this piece crap an earful, but that's out of the question. You see, he's the kind of petty jerk who calls the police because a cat is in his yard for Pete's freaking sake. He also tries to sue neighbors who get too close to his yard for 'trespassing'. He really is that petty and I can't risk getting myself into trouble. (He once called the police because a little kiddy birthday party 'was disturbing his peace and quiet' in the middle of the day.) We're back living at my parents' house again and I don't want any legal trouble that they might get dragged into.

      I know that most would say that I should just wait it out and that the universe will send him what's coming to him, but it's been eight years now since this awful neighbor has started causing trouble on our street. After what he's done this time, it is crucial that justice be served--not just for me, but for everyone else he has cause pain. And please let it be known that I don't normally entertain the idea of putting a curse or hex on someone, but this time I feel that it's necessary.

     Here's what I want out of this: 1)Nasty neighbor can never hurt anyone else ever again. 2)Nasty neighbor will start minding his own effing beeswax. 3)Nasty neighbor must undergo an amount of pain and misery that equates to the pain and misery that he has caused others for the last eight years. 4)All the nice neighbors get the blessings they deserve.

     Obviously, I'll need to do a binding, but does anyone have particular hex in mind? Any insight is much appreciated. 


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Try mundane solutions first. I would call the cops everytime he did something to disturb ur peace and quiet...if he parked too far from the curb, if he speeds down the street, animal waste in his the health department. Often a dose of their own medicine will work. You get the point. If it doesn't, curse his testicles so they fall off and roll across the street for the cat to play with. I'm not kidding.

exactly my eye for an unto others as you would have them do to you ;)

I always look for mundane methods first. Often effective and a lot more fun. Watch the cops or health department show up and just know his asshole will pucker up to his eyeballs. Chances are he's just as big a nuisance to the cops and they would love to hassle him legally. Got one of those in my small town and the cops can't stand him. The cops are more than willing to assist when a call is made.

If that doesn't work...go for his testicles. Chances are he's not using them anyway. Coward.

While I appreciate the thought of being able to giggle quietly from the window while the cops give him a citation for not trimmming his bushes that have grown over top of the sidewalk, I can't say that I condone it. Part of my anger for this guy has to with my personal belief that calling the cops for little dumb stuff like that is a tremendous waste of tax-payer money. Besides, in my city, cops have much bigger fish to fry--meth labs, pedofiles, domestic violence and murderers. I'd rather hex the piece of crap and watch him crumble over a period time. ;)

If the guy has half a brain cell left, he would get the message very quickly, and a citation would generate money for your town. Bigger fish to fry everywhere but part of their job is enforcing all city ordinances. Just saying. If you don't wanna do that tho, go for the testicles. Or his wallet. Make him lose money. You gotta hit him where it hurts.

Does your neighborhood have a community center for 'neighborhood' issues?  Most residential areas have something like this.  If he owns his home, chances are you'll be stuck with this guy for a long time.  Throwing tit for tat, just exacerbates matters for the most part.  Sometimes these neighborhood meetings are a place to air grievances and patch up relationships with problematic neighbors.

If you want to just vent your emotional overfill over this issue, try the black book.  It's a great way to deal with people on  your shit list.  I used to have a topic on it, but for simplicity sake, here's how it goes:

The Black Book, The Book of Names

Get a black journal for *this* purpose only. It should be used exclusively for this reason.

In it, you write the names of people that you seek to bind, hex, curse.  In it, you can write down exactly what this man does, and what you would like to see happen to him.  It's not much different than a destruction ritual for emotional overfill.  The difference is, you can get more creative in this book.  Concoct your own bindings, sigils, and sympathetic magic spells.   You can even create an effigy of this man on a page, and treat it like a paper doll.  You want to zip his lip?  Then sew it shut on the page.  You follow?

You can even create your own book for this purpose.  Here's a photo of a book I made years ago for this purpose.

I added the woodcuts from the book 'The Club Dumas', I always liked them and each section was intended for a specific purposed, divided by each of the woodcuts.

Another option, is to create a Wall of Shame.

Each bottle and jar contains unsavories meant to thwart people who aggravate the shit out of me, or just deserve their come-uppins.  Has an uncany way of working its magic ;)

I added a tutorial on the book HERE.

Wow. Thanks so much for such a thoughtful reply to my OP. I appreciate the fact that you added pics--very inspirational. I certainly have a lot to think about. 

As much as I want to have a wall of jars dedicated to thwarting societal TURDS, I would have to rent an entire warehouse! LOL 

Thanks! ;)

"societal turds"...Hahaha! I'll have to add that to my favorite list of phrases and names from PS. so fat I've got "epic douchebaggery" and "asshat" on my list. Societal turds is another great one. :-))

@ Amethyst:

LOL Thanks. Mean names can be fun when directed at people who deserve it. ANd my rotten neighbor certainly does!

A warehouse!!....I Hear THAT!!! LOL

Societal Tards has a nice ring to it.  To be honest, I don't have the room for it in my house either.  This is on the wall of my art studio, which is out in the garage.  This shelf is about 3'x2' wide.  

The second set of bottles, are Bicardi Wine Cooler bottles I saved.  I liked that they had little bats on them. I just soaked off the labels, then sealed the tops in wax, once they were filled.  They are on a different wall shelf.  That one is much smaller.  


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