Dear PS Folks,

       I'm wanting to put a hex on a VERY nasty neighbor. This person has a long history of being petty, snobby, zealous about 'the rules' of the neighborhood, anti-social, vindictive and generally just making everyone on the street outright miserable. Recently, he interfered in my life in a REALLY big way. I won't go into detail--the whole story is just too long--but believe me when I say that this man is a real arrogant PIG who needs to be taught a lesson.

       I'm chomping at the bit to go across the street and give this piece crap an earful, but that's out of the question. You see, he's the kind of petty jerk who calls the police because a cat is in his yard for Pete's freaking sake. He also tries to sue neighbors who get too close to his yard for 'trespassing'. He really is that petty and I can't risk getting myself into trouble. (He once called the police because a little kiddy birthday party 'was disturbing his peace and quiet' in the middle of the day.) We're back living at my parents' house again and I don't want any legal trouble that they might get dragged into.

      I know that most would say that I should just wait it out and that the universe will send him what's coming to him, but it's been eight years now since this awful neighbor has started causing trouble on our street. After what he's done this time, it is crucial that justice be served--not just for me, but for everyone else he has cause pain. And please let it be known that I don't normally entertain the idea of putting a curse or hex on someone, but this time I feel that it's necessary.

     Here's what I want out of this: 1)Nasty neighbor can never hurt anyone else ever again. 2)Nasty neighbor will start minding his own effing beeswax. 3)Nasty neighbor must undergo an amount of pain and misery that equates to the pain and misery that he has caused others for the last eight years. 4)All the nice neighbors get the blessings they deserve.

     Obviously, I'll need to do a binding, but does anyone have particular hex in mind? Any insight is much appreciated. 


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But what's inside the jars? Praytell!

This is Amazing Sin...What a Wall!!! Really Like the Book idea too!!!

Thanks. A little shelf will do too, all you need is a little wall space and you call fill it with smaller jars.  I usually keep condiment jars, they are ideal for larger items or a constant fill.  If you are limited on space, you can scale it back to use smaller jars, such as babyfood jars, or even small container candle jars.  

Believe it or not, this was a wooden candy box.  It's only about 14"H x 9" W.  You can even work with something this small.  I turned this one into a shrine, but it would work for a smaller version of the wall of shame too.

Now that I'm looking at these jars a second time, I must ask what's in all of them? I can see that they contain liquid + items, but some of the 'items' are somewhat distorted by the curvy glass jars. Do you mind sharing? 

Each jar is very specific, for the person or thing that's bothering me.  I often use those 'grow your own [fill in the blank], see the purple spider?  That's one of those grow your own.  I was overrun with housespiders at one point.  I love the little guys, but the cobwebs were a pain in the ass to manage, and I'm a clean freak.  That one was to Arachne, the Weaver.  The wolf spiders I still catch and release outside.  The other little shits have babies like crazy, so it was plea to make them stop having billions of babies in my house.  It's all mindfuck for me, and I enjoy it.  I still scoop up spiders but ya know, sometimes it's just the motions to stop getting aggravated by it. 

Other jars are filled with burning spells, crushed dolls (I love those ones), and a few witch jars (the pee jars). I also use the old folk tradition of floating pictures in water (Catholic).  Other jars include insects, bones, shrunken heads, and there's even a jar filled with my hair when I shaved my head.  Well, cuz loosing my hair just pissed me off.  I'm over it though, I love my bald head.  I rock wigs, but I prefer my bald head more.  

I also capture pieces of targets, add those to the jars and it creates a vector for the spellwork.  I'm hoakie like that :)

If you wanted to create your own jar for this guy who's being a pain in the ass, you could write down all the shitty things he does, and what come uppin's you think he deserves.  Write it dragon's blood, then burn the scroll to seal it.  Capture the ashes, put them in the bottle.  If you can get a little tid bit from his property, that would be ideal.  Even if it's just a sprig from one of his hedges.  Talk your intentions into the bottle, then seal it off with wax.   Set it in a place where you'll see it, so you don't forget what it's meant to do, then sit back and just watch ;)

These things are great for sympathetic magic, and destruction work.  I shit you not, it's the next generation in Vodou.  You can grow them, mutilate them, cut them up, stick them with pins, the sky's the limit!  Later, you can dry them out and watch the shrivel up, put them in little coffins, or just keep them suspended in jars.   They come in all kinds of critters too.  Man, Woman, Animals, Insects, and other weird stuff.

Some of the jars you see are filled with these.  I have a squid, donkey (Jackass, get it?), spider, man, skeleton, skull, foot (foot in the ass), and a human heart :) 

One of the jars contains the Starfish I prepared in this theatrical ritual.  It did have a purpose, as did the blood sigil ;P

This was the finished piece, with the sigil underneath.


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