I hope everyone had a wonderful Solstice, I had a lovely ritual in my backyard and I also went to Lily Dale for a Summer Solstice celebration. It was wonderful the place was so beautiful and so peaceful, many were in attendance a lovely evening was had.This is my altar from the ritual we had in our backyard. I'd love to see other peoples altars from the Solstice if they dont mind posting them! Blessed Be!

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That's very lovely :)
I almost plum forgot about Litha this year! I was so excited and waititing and waiting and waiting for it....and then life happened lol. The sun was glaring in my eyes all day, and I was like what is up with that??, and then I checked the date and sure enough. The sun made sure I didn't miss it :)
Yup I got it at a second hand shop, I've got two and little matching chalices

I cast a circle and did a ritual honouring the sun, and the blessings of summer


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