it was yesterday and possibly tonight,though dont know for sure,but yesterday was strange..i am occasionally pulled from my body,but whatever tries it has little effect most of the time..not only was it happening rather often but i was torn completely out a couple times,and one long enough to watch it start to fall before coming back.circumstances left me no option but to go through a church parking lot and very close to the buildings to go somewhere,i braced myself for the dizziness and pain to come,but i felt almost nothing.could the supermoon have something to do with all this

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What exactly are talking about. Your spirit being pulled from your body. The effects of the moon triggers a higher awareness that will cause people to feel dizzy or other effects its different

the supermoon,as they call it..wondering if it makes spirits and other entities stronger,as for the church part,having a demon as part of me doesnt make them pleasant areas to be in

The moon is a source of psychic energy and will also pull you to higher awareness .

I charged  water  stay up  half the night and  do some prayers. Then  I could feel te water vibrating big time  in my hand :)

 I was at the Flea Market vendoring  some super strange ass people kept coming up to me LOL!

I  kept getting minor abrasions and such. All week feel out of it  all week :)


If you're part demon, I'm a Time Lord. I guess we all get to be what ever we say we are.
No need to insult him. You don't even know the guy to even start judgeing him.
Just making an honest observation. This is all clearly placebo effect.

it's more common than you think. Before the church started classifying so many spirits as 'angel' or 'demon' ... it was just 'demon'. And a person being 'part demon' goes back into all sorts of other cultures. Plato even talked about it. I don't think there's anything in error about what he said.

It would be interesting to know how this affected the tides.

A lot of people I talk to are saying they were affected emotionally and spiritually in some way. For me, I was just incredibly tired.  It could have been my hormones or it could have been the effects of the moon.  Ever since I began working in health care I've stopped discounting the effects of the moon as superstition once I saw how it affects my patients, every full moon, without exception.  It makes them CRAZY.

Man it has been a crazy week.   People have acting big time trippy!

Ive had depression and chest pains


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