My husband and I decided to splurge Wednesday by going to Red Lobster's Lobster Fest. Something we do not do often. The ads on t.v. were really getting to us~! When my platter arrived, I had a rock lobster tail, skewered shrimp over red potatoes seasoned with sea salt, steamed brocolli and a little casserole of shrimp and crab in a cream sauce with buttered crumbs on top. As I spooned up some of that casserole and it hit my mouth, the taste brought back a past memory so quick and so rich I was  in the moment. I said to my hubby, 'this tastes like Lent'...he asked me how something could taste like Lent? Well, I suppose the whole day had a little to do with it...rainy and springlike, being brought up a Catholic and the whole ritual of 'Easter'. I remember it was a time when we ate a lot of fish and fish I am imagining that perhaps it tasted a bit like my Mom's cooking at that time. And everything involving that time came rushing back in a flash. It was a good memory because it was of a simpler time with simple beliefs and being a child with no worries. Other things bring back memories as well, the smell of Ambush perfume, brings back my age of 16 and all the memories associated with it...dances, boyfriends, music. Just wondering how many of you experience this and if so...can you tell us about it? When this happens it seems as if the whole ambience of the present takes on the ambience of the past. You feel it. Blessings,  Lady Nightshade )o(

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Yes that is another one...we have an old book store in the town I was born an old building and the smell of all the paper is just magickal...I like to go in and just smell~! My husband and I retired from the printing business and most printers love the smell of paper and ink and the different smells that paper have. I remember in school, I just couldn't get enough of the ink used on mimeograph paper~!!!! Ahhhh .....

In this town is an "old fashioned" sweet shop, with sweets from my childhood sold from huge, square glass jars stacked on shelves. The sweets are weighed out onto the scales and put into white paper bags. They also sell little things like "Penny Chews", "Liquorice Laces", "Gobstoppers", "Foam Shrimps". I look at those sweets and it reminds me of my childhood, but I don't fancy buying any of them. Then I remember.............

I didn't like those sweets much when I was a child!

Unfortunately I liked those sweets and still do~! Ben Franklin Stores still have the big jars you can fill up your white sacks with all kinds of varieties...Mary Janes and Black Jacks my favorite~! I never heard of Foam whimsical~!
Oh I know what you are talking about :) A Smell I have forgotten for over 40 years came at me from out of a ear doctors exam room .. Grape wine being made in the basement ...LOL   My Dad use to make wine in the basement at grandma's house and never thought any more about it till I smelled it again over 40 years later .. It was a smell that just took me by surprise and the memories came rushing back .. The doctors office was in a very old house and the smell of the old basement with the wine being made there was a smell I knew well ...  and something that I have forgotten for so long it was nice to be reminded of it .. Blessings ALice
I love this~! How unexpected ~!


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