This time of year many of us reflect on the past year and sigh and or se what we are blessed with,what we want to change,what we have given and receive. I think its good to be aware every day,of course,but frankly,I get busy and don't. I wont say "we" because,I don't speak for anyone else......What are you thankful for this year in your life?

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and to you..........big hugs

I am very thankful to the gods for

1) my health - came out clean as a whistle this year as did my family members and friends

2) the health of my pets

3) remaining gainfully employed and able to pay my bills

4) being able to enjoy what life has to offer

All good ones,too!!

THANKFUL I don't need to shop today,either.....

I am grateful that my ankel is healing and will walk again LOL'

I am grateful I still have mom and my lil fluffy or fuzzy baby I have not a lot but I have  much in blessings like good dear friends on and offline

OH,what happened? Break it? Glad its better,no matter the cause

Yeah and  had surgery in  Oct  right before Samhain LOLS  I fell over wearing  too long bib overalls at home  I finaly got rid of them LOL :)Ty

No one is shooting at me.

ALWAYS a good reason to be thankful,indeed!


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