This time of year many of us reflect on the past year and sigh and or se what we are blessed with,what we want to change,what we have given and receive. I think its good to be aware every day,of course,but frankly,I get busy and don't. I wont say "we" because,I don't speak for anyone else......What are you thankful for this year in your life?

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LOL,of course! We had the best chocolate covered macadamian nuts in Hawaii,YUM!

family and friends, the fact i was born and raised in canada (so much crap going on around the world), being me and having my values, morals, and understanding

Turkey, dressing, &gravy

and fresh baked rolls

Those look really good! Yum!

They were! David made them Hash,way better cook than me

Thankful for Apple pie too

Yes gotta get ur roll on
I am thankful for having a job, a roof over my head, an understanding roommate, my cat, my brother and sister for helping me out when I need it and my best friend for being there and standing by me for 28 years.


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