Fall will be here shortly, with Mabon and Samhain just around the corner and the new crop of witch-y shows are starting up.

With shades of Riverdale and American Horror Story is "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".  Yes, the teenage witch.  In this case, a Satan worshipping one.

On Netflix at the end of October.  Sorry, I don't know how to post the trailer:


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Yes,they are basing this off the horror comic that has come out.

I read about the comic, but didn't know if it was a chicken or egg scenario.

I'm glad it's on Netflix so I can watch it.

I find good Satanic movies to be somewhat hard to come by, in all the years I have spent collecting them. It's a fine line between a good movie, and slipshod low budgetry.

But I don't have Netflix, or  a working TV connection, (by personal preference) so I'll have to look out for a copy of this on Amazon, assuming it is not a comedy!

I meant to just watch an episode or two, but ended up binging the whole season.


First, I was a bit disappointed.  Sabrina aka "Brina" seemed to be about typical very liberal teen in a small coal mining town back east and in the broom closet with her friends and it was going to be another "Beautiful Creatures" type light/dark duality drama with the orphaned witch girl ('halfwitch') loving a mortal boy and not willing to give up her mortal life (friends and boyfriend) to fully accept her witch life, while her family determines if she's going to go light or dark and the need to separate herself from her moral life (as once she commits totally to the witch side of her bloodline, she will start to become nearly immortal).

Turned out, it's a matter of joining her local coven and serving Satan who is explained to her as a coven based on total free will as some paths of modern Satanism is.  I was encouraged for a bit, but then it fell back into "No, it isn't free will, it's a trap!" with the coven members not being above cannibalism of each other or mortals.

The Sabrina character veers between being a stupid emotional teenager "But why can't I do both?" completely oblivious to the ramifications that her friends will age and she won't and thinking her love for her 16 year old boyfriends will last 'forever' and a ruthless woman willing to lie, cheat, blackmail, humiliate and kill to get what she wants.  Which I guess some teenagers can be, torn between childhood and adulthood.  Torn between her comfort zone and having power.

The plot never uses the strongest arguments for Sabrina to leave her mortal life "You're sixteen.  You think things will last forever like they are now, but they won't.  You and your friends will be leaving this small town in a year or so and go off to college.  Different colleges.  Then what?  You'll be making NEW friends and boyfriends.  You'll go off to the special witch school and meet new friends with who you can be totally open and be yourself and meet new guys..."

That's the most realistic and convincing argument to tell any young person clinging to her childhood friends and locale, but no one ever uses it.

The introduction of Salem was incredibly creepy and I very much enjoyed it.  I hope to see more of him.

They never mention a Christian god, they just call him the "false god" and focus on their own faith AS a religion.  It's quite interesting how they do it.  Rather RCC based.

It has some surprisingly gory parts and there are not happy endings for some nice people.  Some episodes are slow - I fast forwarded through those - but most are pretty enjoyable.

It isn't scary as much as creepy - at least to me - but then I'm a witch and a pagan, and the open-ness of Satanism as a credible religion, and the existence of ghosts, demons, goblins, blood sacrifices, possession and necromancy don't bother me.

My take on it is that there is much to be commonly misunderstood, and more often than not, completely misrepresented, as truth being stranger than fiction, when it comes to dealing with the “real world”. The interesting thing about the vast majority of media hypocrisy entertaining Satanism, is even the most seemingly hospitable are often ending in some kind of bizarre, perverted, or violent tragedy for the actors, or participants, if you will. This is typical in that sense.

There is rarely a positive outcome for any so called “devil worshipping” entity on the human scale, but it is not entirely unheard of to see a favorable outcome for a follower of Satan, although it is not common at all, nor even socially correct. The stigma and horror of the entertainment effect are far more enticing when praying upon the human psyche for entertainment purposes..

In recent decades there has been insinuations or claims of extreme evil and crimes against humanity, such as cannibalism in this case, and in other cases, sexual assault, torture, child rape, ritual murder (sacrifice) for example, often attributed to all Satanic cults, and often with children as the victims. This gets out through Hollywood, or where ever, then it spreads it’s way through the media in rumor and innuendo, particularly the conspiracy media.

Incidents of what they call "culling" have reputably been mentioned in Satanic forums. Even though such things may occur or are rarely advocated, most in the Satanic communities distance themselves, and even ridicule such activities. This has been the case with the Church of Satan, and elsewhere, where animal sacrifice is discouraged. Which is interesting considering the history of animal sacrifice all throughout civilization and religious ceremonies, and considering the mass slaughtering in the commercial food industry, hunting, and the mass slaughter of children in the abortion industry, Also, the mass murder of “infidels” and other undesirables, that is occurring on a daily basis in the Middle East, which is often covered up under a veil of overall religious sanctimony, making the Nazi holocaust look tame in comparison. When it comes to mass child rape, look no further than the Catholic Church,

Some black magical cults advocate minor blood sacrifice of a willing participant, usually the practitioner themselves., or animal sacrifice as enticements to enhance the power of the working.

And furthermore, there is no hard data in terms of how many of these obscure culling incidents have ever taken place, and when. These incidents are usually conducted within the confines of a particular environment, by a small number of participants, and sometimes the “victim” willfully participates. It is likely misrepresented and taken out of context under the pretenses of such discussion in public forums or common media entertainment circles..

Oh, and I dislike their incorrect use of the word 'warlock'.

Not exactly uncommon....Hail to Sabrina! and there is this weird resemblance to Angelina Jolie wearing those ornery looking horns

The Satanic Temple has said it will bring legal action against the show if it doesn't remove the Baphomet Statue.

They are sighting appropriation and copyright infringement.

I enjoyed the show btw.

And they have a point.  If the producers just remove the children statues, it will just be a regular image of Baphomet. 

"Appropriation" LMAO. Baphomet is copyright free and supposed to be the prophet Mohammed, not Satan. If anything they appropriated it.

Oh I loved this show! I recognized a lot of magick that they use and I am not bothered by Satan. (Have studied the OT and Satan a lot, Satan is the good guy compared to Yahweh!) I totally embrace the grey witches on the show because I am one. I love scary witch tropes too. I do not want the teeth knocked out of witchcraft because of New Agers. I want to embrace the dark as well as the light. 


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