Fall will be here shortly, with Mabon and Samhain just around the corner and the new crop of witch-y shows are starting up.

With shades of Riverdale and American Horror Story is "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina".  Yes, the teenage witch.  In this case, a Satan worshipping one.

On Netflix at the end of October.  Sorry, I don't know how to post the trailer:


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If you consider Satan as the adversary to yhwh, then you have my vote! What the "good guy" represents in all of this is what is good for you, and if Satan is good for you, then he's the "good guy".

As far as that statue goes in the series, I haven't seen it, because I have not seen the series yet, but if that is indeed the case, even though I am not a fan boy for the Satanic Temple, yes it could become a legal issue, and apparently it will.

Yeah, they have not stated if Yahweh is even really a god in here. They have only showed Satan, so far in caos. I really love what they did with the show and I hate the anti-Satan nonsense many pagans have. Old traditional witches and cunning folk used the devil a lot. This is still done in Mexico.

The statue is copyrighted. They will probably be legit sued.

In the real scheme of things, I can understand Satan as chaotic, to the blasphemer, or one who ends up with doubt, fear, and regret of their association. And a little evil goes a long way.

It's weird, because there are very few Satanic movies where the outcome is a happy ending, or casts a shadow of favorability for the Satanist. It's usually just the opposite, tragic. That speaks to the real motives behind the entertainment culture at large

Many pagans, but the entertainment culture in general have got it all fucked up. But the shock and fear effect is what makes the movie memorable, and in this case, I can't speak to it because I have not seen it, although the plot sounds like something actually enjoyable to watch.

It would be interesting to see the progession of this legal issue. It could be a cherry picking if the S/T is really serious about their challenge to it, assuming they really do have a copy right on it.

Personally, I see the copy right infringment as an insult to the Satanic Temple, undermining legitimate rights to their own intellectual property..

It' s like openly taking someone else's property, and hijacking it for their own gain, and challenging them to protect their own property rights.

Loser pays!

Like the red candles!


Yeah I can't name one movie that sees Satanists as anything less than antagonists. I agree with you, I love the chaos. They admit that nature is a force stronger than the dark lord, too, which means Satan is natural.

I read something from the Church of Satan about that and oddly, I agree with them.

Statues look like the real deal. Moving forward with copy right....

"I can't name one movie that sees Satanists as anything less than antagonists."

There are a few, but not very many. Demonology is sometimes the substitute, with mixed outcomes. Most of the disaster scenery seems intriguing, but often turns out to be quite grotesque.

Not much help from Hollywood, or wherever.

This nature thing is also kind of ironic, to some extent/

A line from one of my latest blogs:

"If you believe that Nature is the inner sanctum of your Church of Satan, then you just bought yourself a one way ticket to Hell."

I can't tell where the show is going but I assume the dark lord and God are just opposing gods or forces of nature. Nature must therefore, as implied in the show, be stronger than them and possibly their creator. That would make Satan and God merely aspects of nature. (kind of pantheistic, I guess.) I saw at least one person make a comment that Sabrina's religion is just them making deals with their main god. I could see that in a pagan view since that sort of thing has been happening since ancient times, Abraham was like that with El. It traces back to ancient Mesopotamia, of course pagans who are not well read will think Christianity/Satanism invented this sort of thing.

I feel a bit left out, I haven't had a television set on for over a decade now!

I watch certain things via download on my laptop from ITV Hub, or BBC I Player from time to time, and catch certain things like documentaries and vlogs etc on youtube.

I have to say many of these shows seem aimed at young people, and do not always portray pagans and those with spiritualists' beliefs in a positive light.  

Taken as lighthearted entertainment only they are ok, I guess.

I think it's the over-use of CGI where it all goes a bit wrong for me.  But for those who enjoy them, good for you!

I like what I've watched of the program so far, especially some of the scene lead in music.

Statue of Baphomet in Sabrina the Teenaged Witch TV series and in real life 

You know how the program begins centered around Sabrina's blood baptism on her sixteenth birthday, today I read an account of a young lady going through a blood baptism on her sixteenth birthday. Though the author claims to have witnessed the event, and he was supported by numerous publications as being a credible witness, there are just as many sources that claim he fabricated the details. The baptism was claimed to have been witnessed by William Buchler Seabrook and he wrote about it in his 1929 book about Haitian Voodoo “The Magic Island.”

Not surprised about this. What was the baptism for? Was it about Voodoo?


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