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BLM vs. Bundy - Your thoughts?

Excessive Force or Considerable Constraint?

Mass Graves for Dead Cows or Legal Terrorism of a Squatting Rancher?

2015 Update:  Cliven Bundy supporters Rally

2016 Update:  Arizona Rancher killed in Stand-off

2017 Update: Bundy goes to Trial

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From the Wiki:

Bundy lost on states' rights claims

Bundy lost on all his arguments regarding states' rights and jurisdictional dispute in the United States v. Bundy cases.[8] Bundy had argued that the US District Court for the District of Nevada lacked jurisdiction because the United States does not own the public lands in question.[8] The court ruled “the public lands in Nevada are the property of the United States because the United States has held title to those public lands since 1848, when Mexico ceded the land to the United States.”[8] Bundy further argued that the Disclaimer Clause of the Nevada Constitution carries no legal force;[8] that the Property Clause of the United States Constitution applies only to federal lands outside the borders of states;[8] that the United States' exercise of ownership over federal lands violates the Equal Footing Doctrine; that the United States based its authority to sanction Bundy for his unauthorized use of federal lands on the Endangered Species Act as opposed to trespass;[8] and that Nevada’s open range statute excuses Bundy’s trespass.[8]

See:  Court Documents

Are you talking about Federally owned lands?

Article Four?

See:  Property Clause

Its been argued by Judge Neopolitano that the case should not have been tried in federal court that it should have been tried in state court and that there were/are other legal avenues available to the BLM to get the money they say they are owed and which Cliveden Bundy disputes, there are allegations so far unconvincingly answered, that Senator Harry Reid is involved.

The Bundys have run cattle on the land since 1877, and the all important tortoise is not so endangered that it prevented the BLM from killing some.  

Its a mess with a massive federal build up of arms and weaponry to deal with one small ranching family. Many people were reminded of Ruby Ridge and Waco and they feared something similar could happen.  

I admit I'm instinctively against the kind of change that rides rough shod over people. I think the image of the long line of cowboys taking on the BLM and the Feds is extraordinary and will pull in a lot of support for the Bundy family.  

It's certainly an interesting case.  I think where Bundy screwed up is he was paying the taxes for years and then just stopped.  So his recent argument that he doesn't acknowledge the Federal Government's authority over these lands, isn't going to have much leverage, especially since he lost the previous case.  

The Feds have owned the land since 1848, before his family was on it.  

Not the best picture of the scene but it does show the line of cowboys challenging the BLM

Hell that Wiki went up in record time, the movie will be out next year!  lol

John Goodman for a BLM agent.  heh

Nah, this pretty much kills any movie deal.


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