The Case of the Phantom Car (A True Ghost Story)

When I was about 19 years old a few friends of mine were hanging out driving around town. We decided to go to this cemetery nearby. My friend Rob was driving...Christine was next to him in the front, and I was sitting in the back. It was dark, very dark out that night...the street lights had broken or something. We pulled in and saw the headstones illuminated by the headlights of the car. This cemetery is back from the woods on Cemetery Rd off Montauk Highway in Patchogue NY (not sure if its even accessible anymore)

A few moments later all you saw in the lights of the car was these shapes rising up out of the ground and all them glowing! About 20 of these white glowing shapes were rising out of the ground. I had seen spirits before but for some reason it just freaked me out so much I was like Rob get the hell out here something just isnt right with this!

So he turned the car around (Christine true to her nature had fainted), and we left. We had gotten to the corner of Montauk and Rt 101 in Patchogue where McDonald's is...the opposite corner by where Caldor's used to be (Suffolk County NY rezs will know where I'm talking about). Well we had stopped for a red light there and this other car had pulled up next to us. It was an old pale blue Nova (not sure what year them old cars all look the same to me). I looked out the window and saw 2 men sitting in the car looking directly at me! I swear it was like looking into the eyes of death emotion, no nothing did I feel from them at all.

Now I dont care how new or old a automobile is...every car, truck, or other means of transportation makes some kind of noise..this car made no sound at all...worse yet looking into the eyes of those 2 men gave me the chills down my spine...they were blanch white, dark circles under their eyes...they were pasty, and the most worse thing about this whole thing was that when I looked down at the tires of the was at least 5 inches off the freaking ground!

Now you explain to me what that was all about! The light changed to green and we sped up the road to my mom's old house on Grove Avenue where I lived at the time. Wouldnt you know it? Those men followed us all the way to my house and then when we pulled into the driveway they sped up the road and disappeared into the night...

Christine, Rob, and I light up a cigarette after getting out of her car, and went to the end of the driveway but they were no where in sight. I never saw them again...the guys in the phantom car..not the friends...Creepy huh? It sure was!

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Great story Rev. It caught my eye because Coby and I have had this happen to us twice in Kentucky. Each time the same kind of headlights following us on the highway with no one else on the road. We get to the middle of Clays Ferry Bridge in Fayette County and the lights disappear as does the car. Truly, truly freaky.
I was getting chills just writing it all down from is a truly strange experience and one I'll never forget. I love your to share the whole thing?
this is a fascinating story. I have had encounters myself but nothing quiet this powerful... well not with anyone else at any rate. closest I came was when my toy horse lifted off my bed to be played with by a pale girl in a very frilly dress wearing a apron type thing. as soon as my bedroom door started to open as Dad came in she was just gone, but my horse was moved and blankets at the end of my bed bunched.
Now that is cool! That mustve been a sight to see some girl in your room playing with your toy!

Ive been having experiences like this since I was 8 (oddly enouh it was the same year my paternal grandmother passed on). My first experience was when I was at my friend's house and I saw this white shape (very undicernable as to what it was and I was also a kid so I had no idea) float by her bedroom window where we had been playing. To this day, while some it when I do see them freaks me an adult, I just find it very cool!
Very cool and freaky! It would have scared me and I probably would have fainted too! Thanks for sharing it.
Greetings my sister,

I read this tonight in your Myspace blog. It is definately spooky. Like I said they appear to only the one's who can see :)



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