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The Catholic Church Wants To Cure You of Witchiness

Friday February 4, 2011

For those of you who have been practicing witchcraft and who have been thinking, "Golly, I sure do wish someone would come along and convert me to Christianity," do I have some news for you! The Roman Catholic church has put out a handy guide for its British members, explaining how to convert witches to the One True Way. Or something. Anyway, the guide, entitled, Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers, is apparently in response to the increasing rise in the occult, which we can clearly blame on things like Harry Potter and other pop culture icons.

The booklet also includes helpful instructions on how to evangelize in case you meet a witch, Pagan, or other hell-bound soul when you hop down to the pub for a pint some evening. Damien Thompson, who writes for the UK Telegraph, makes a point of mentioning that the church handbook doesn't make any silly jokes about Wiccans and broomsticks (although Thompson himself has no problems with anti-Pagan snark of his own), and goes into some more detail about the guide, written by one Elizabeth Dodd.

Dodd, who claims to be a former Wiccan who has turned Catholic, says, "The use of magic, the practice of witchcraft, offends God because it is rooted in our sinful and fallen nature. It attempts to usurp God." Interestingly, she makes the points that Catholics should find some common ground with Wiccans -- for example, discussing the environment -- and then use that as a springboard for converting them. She adds that most "Wiccans are on a genuine spiritual quest," but she fails to recognize that many of us are on this path because it's the one that's right for us, not because we're wandering around blindly in the dark, waiting for someone to turn on a light.

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Hrmm whats that? The Catholic Church did something offensive towards pagans again?

Yeah they'll tend to do that, *rolls over and goes back to sleep*



Hahaha! *rolls over and goes back to sleep* good one Micky-P! You made me giggle!
Glad I gave you a laugh, :D
This is so amusing.. ya know what?  I was very religious as a kid Catholic in fact and was raised in the ways of that church, went to Catholic school and even was placed in a catholic boarding school.. not once, I repeat NOT ONCE did I even see a bible nor was I taught scripture from a bible.. it was catechism classes and bullcrap from that book... now things have changed even though the church was infallable and nothing I was assured would ever change... well since those days much has changed... for instance women don't have to cover their heads in church, no more fish on Friday, no more limbo and the status of sins (venial and mortal) has changed.. I still don't know if the "bible-thumping morons" use the bible as this church has it's own bullshit to brain wash people with...   I did keep one promise though, when asked at the tender age of about five by a priest if I was gonna grow up and get married.. I said no that I was gonna grow up and be a priest like him... and I did indeed do that but I'm on a different team....   Sounds like those bastards are losing control and their flock is dwindling.. wow all that money flying out the window....

the catholics are the worst kind of hypocrites, the bible says not to be judgemental but catholics go against their own religion...


and satan isnt real he resembles the pagan god pan and he was created to make pagans look evil and i see it is still serving it's purpose

I dunno guys, I think it's a good idea. As some of you may know, there are certain people for whom paganism (and I mean this in the broadest and most generalized term as possible) and/or witchraft, is not the right path. I'd like to think of this as a way for the church to to retake the people who will eventually go to them anyway. And besides, if someone is converted via this mierda, odds are they weren't all that interested in paganism as a serious religion anyway.
but couldnt the catholic church resort to more extreme methods? if they lose enough followers who knows what will happen.
Times are different from the past, Mark, granted there are still some countries that get homocidal towards those they disagree with. But it cannot be denied that there have been some huge changes to the "system", we have gained more respect over the years (despite how people talk to us), people, in general, are less interested in who's correct and more interested in being left alone. We have more options open to us than our predecessors. And besides, if all else fails, we can always get medevil on some people. Self-defence, right? ;)

If they find themselves losing so many followers that it leaves them in a crisis, it will mean that their level of influence is pretty feeble. They don't control nations directly any more, they don't even have that much influence on any governments, certainly not enough to start demanding that pagans be round up and burned.

What legal loophole could they possibly find that would give them dominion over any other government? Even if they found some kind of treaty or agreement from ages ago that wasn't nullified, you're still left with the question of what government is going to turn over control to the Vatican? Especially considering the Vatican lacks the muscle to force the issue.


They don't even have enough influence to keep their dirty little child abuse secret under wraps, they have followers leaving in droves and are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the world at large, there was even talk of arresting the pope when he came to the UK.


That doesn't sound like a group capable of dominating and controlling the laws and citizenry of entire nations. There is a reason they're distributing booklets, they're too impotent to do much else.

Do they make another booklet for little boys who have been molested by priests? Since they're into making booklets and all, it sounds like a useful one.

And what about sexually deviant congressmen? How are they supposed to stop their philandering ways if the church does not care enough about our leaders to make them a booklet? :O



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