What do you all know about Morrigan. What experiences have you had reguarding her? I have been reading about her and feel a strong connection with her.

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Well, I am a Priest of The Morrighan--She chose me to Serve Her at Lughnasah of 2002, and I have been doing so for the benefit of my community, such as through herbal medicine and as an Oracle of the Goddess through tarot readings--and I have been researching Her academically for a few years before the year 2000.  What surprised me was the overwhelming research and scholastic consensus within the field of Celtic Studies that The Morrighan is not how She is typically portrayed within contemporary Pagan literature.  First of all, there is very little evidence identifying The Morrighan as a war-goddess; I believe that this imposition was attached to Celtic mythology by we Pagans who were more familiar with Classical mythology in which the gods were pidgin-holed into the mold of a love-deity or a war-deity, etc.  However, Celtic mythology is not Classical!  In fact, it evinces a more pure form of Proto-Indo-European mythology when analyzed in the context of European mythologies.  But, more on that later.  Some scholars conclude that the character of The Morrighan was rewritten by clerical redactors to make Her appear more ferocious in order to make the Irish cultural-hero, Cu Chullain, seem more heroic by contrast.  

Ultimately, The Morrighan evinces the characteristics of the prototypical Celtic Sovereignty-Goddess and Earth-Mother Goddess as some academics have identified Her.  Even when She is portrayed as the Washer at the Ford or as a Hag who portends one's doom, it is not the doom of we lowly Pagans, but (as the Sovereignty-Goddess) She takes the life of the King or regent who was ritually mate to the Goddess as an Earth-Mother to sustain the fertility of the tribe.  During bad times the King would forfeit His life, and he was "sacrificed" in a ritual murder in a bog at the foot of the tribal inauguration hill, hence Bog Mummies!  We must look at Her "murderous aspect" through this lens.  

Her relationship with Her consort, The Daghda, evinces, as I have said, a more pure stream of Proto-Indo-Europeanism since, like the Proto-Indo-Europeans, the gods of the Celts were fairly duo theistic and revolved around the seasonal relationship between the Earth-Mother goddess of the tribe and the All-Father sun-god who was identified with a horned animal (EG. the bull or stag), the sky, lightning/ thunder/ storm, the seasons, fertility, and the Underworld.

Here are some articles I have written, as well as some resources, that you may find of interest on your Path:



Take Care,


Thanks so much! I believe she appeared to me on the astral plane years ago, but i didnt know it at the time. I was reading up on her and the image i saw back then came back to me and i got chill bumps all through my body and a jolt of recognition. I had seen three women at the foot of my bed, but the two in the back were faded... at the time i thought they were sisters, but maybe they were three representations of the same woman. She looked as if she wanted to say something but was waiting for me to reach out. Before i could do anything though i snapped back into my body and woke up. I read that she is a triple goddess, so that made sense to me.


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